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Skillsoft Channel Partner Nomination Form

Innovation Awards

This form is for the ‘Skillsoft Channel Partner of the Year’ Award, which will be awarded to the Americas Skillsoft Channel Partner who demonstrates commitment, excellence and innovation. Channel partners located in other regions are welcome to apply. To apply, we recommend that you compose your answers ahead of time in a program such as Microsoft Word, and then transfer your responses to the form when you're ready to submit. A worksheet is available here. All entries are final upon submission. Information provided here will be held confidential with the judges unless otherwise specified. Nominations close on February 7, 2018.

Please note that due to the number of submissions we receive, we cannot accept additional/supplemental materials as part of your award entry. Thank you.

Questions can be directed to:

Nomination Information

1. Company description, including size of your organization, annual revenues, industry and number of customers (both total customers and those using your Skillsoft solution.) (250 words or less) *

2. Summarize your organization's solution and highlight what makes it unique, targeted and effective. What sales strategies (internal and external) did you employ to achieve successful results? (500 words or less) *

3. Do you conduct specific marketing and/or lead generation campaigns for your Skillsoft solution, and if so, please describe the initiative(s) and results. (250 words or less) *

4. What business initiatives prompted you to partner with Skillsoft?
revenue growth, customer satisfaction, competitive differentiation, all of the above, other.

What challenges did you meet while you were rolling out the solution (internal and external)? *

5. How has your Skillsoft solution grown and adapted to the changing needs of your marketplace? (500 words or less) *

6. How is success of your Skillsoft solution measured? How would you describe your solution’s overall business impact within your organization? Please describe your reporting strategies with respect to measurement and include ROI statistics. (500 words or less) *

7. Are there any anecdotes or quotes from customers about their experience using your Skillsoft solution that you can share? (300 words or less) *

8. What does the future of your Skillsoft solution look like? How is it evolving and what are the plans to keep it relevant and impactful? (250 words or less) *



Award nominations are open!

Nominations for the Innovation Awards are open to Skillsoft customers and partners until Wednesday, February 7, 2018. Winners will be publicly announced during the week of Perspectives 2018. Your organization does not have to be present at Perspectives to qualify. Please contact with questions.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions, please contact your account representative or for additional details.

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