Perspectives 2018


April 11 - 13, 2018 | Bellagio, Las Vegas, NV

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Perspectives 2018 Agenda

Agenda subject to change.

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Wednesday, April 11

8:30 a.m. 5:30 p.m. Executive Advisory Boardby invitation only
9:00 a.m. 5:15 p.m. SumTotal Partner Summitby invitation only
12:00 p.m. 5:15 p.m. Skillsoft Partner Summitby invitation only
12:00 p.m. 5:00 p.m. Enterprise User Group Meetingby invitation only
1:00 p.m. 2:30 p.m. Workshops
Gamification and Long Lasting Engagement

Leveraging SumTotal onboarding and gamification to create long lasting engagement.

Mike Mosgrove, Senior Solution Architect, SumTotal
Mara New, Vice President, Global Presales, SumTotal
Nathan Schroeder, Principal Solution Architect, SumTotal
Building Complex Learning Structures to achieve Growth in Your Organization!

You have asked and we heard. This 90 minute session is dedicated to creating Curricula in the SumTotal Learn Platform.

We will explore your specific use cases along with best practices and new options based on functionality introduced in 18.1.

We will discuss the value of subscription links and the risks of fulfillment links to help you determine the best way to manage complex learning.

If you would like to send your use case to the facilitator prior to April 10, please send to

Sandy McQueen, Consulting Practice Lead, SumTotal
Beginning the SumTotal Journey

An educational session for customers just starting out with SumTotal, or new administrators looking for early education on the SumTotal suite – topics include how to prepare, what to expect during implementation, ongoing considerations.

Sean Hjorth, Consulting Practice Lead, SumTotal
One Size Fits None: Personalization of the Digital Learning Experience

A recent survey conducted by analyst Donald Taylor revealed that the number one growth area for the future of L&D is the topic of personalization. Employees expect to receive the learning content they need, while being able to forego the content they don't. Furthermore, the 2017 Deloitte Human Capital Trends research indicates that digital learning – "bringing learning to where employees are" – is rated as important by 83% of companies and urgent by 54%, an increase of 11% over the previous year. The rise of digital content and tools is driving an increasingly urgent need for a personal digital learning experience, where individually targeted content is delivered in the context of everyday work activities.

This workshop will present practical and innovative techniques to allow participants to understand the unique needs of their learners, personalize their learning experience today, and explore the future of digital learning personalization.

  • Getting to know your learners
    • Where are they? Explore the digital landscape of your organization, and uncover opportunities to embed learning.
    • What do they need? Leverage reporting, surveys, and continuous feedback to better understand the unique needs of your learners.
  • Delivering a personalized learning experience today
    • Content curation: Learn best practices to organize and display multi-modal content offerings to drive learner adoption.
    • Simplifying the user experience: Discover how to create a compelling digital learning experience using tools such as Skillport image mapping, Skillsoft Books collection links in your LMS, and the Percipio mini-app.
  • Emerging trends in personalization
    • A brief overview of some of the current and upcoming topics in digital learning personalization such as people analytics, social and machine curation, AI and VR.

Audience Applicability: All new and existing clients from Skillsoft and SumTotal who have an interest in further developing the learning experience within their organization.

Debbie Harn, Team Lead, Platform Specialists, Skillsoft
Cristina Montenegro, Customer Success Manager, Skillsoft
Leveraging Dashboards and Content Widgets

Review general dashboard concepts such as widgets and personalization.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • How to create/modify dashboards
  • How to control access to dashboards
  • How to utilize "deep links" to other parts of the system
  • How to create full-screen dashboards

Mike Van Doren, Director, SMB Solution Architects, SumTotal
Learn how Percipio can revolutionize your learning programs

In this Percipio workshop you will:

  • Learn best practices for program setup, assignment creation, evaluating program effectiveness and how to support self-directed learning and
  • Share your feedback on new ideas for learning program measurement and tracking, recommended content, intelligent recommendations and support for self-directed learning.

Hari Namduri, Vice President of Innovation, Skillsoft
Jim Renner, Director Product Management, Skillsoft
Building an environment of sustained learning

Work as we know it is changing in order to keep up with the rapid changes in global technology and business, known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It is critical that Learning & Development professionals not be left behind. L&D is shifting its role away from instructional design and toward experience design.

This workshop will review the new capabilities of Learning & Development through a holistic overview of:

  • Learning experience
  • Instructional design
  • Pedagogical approach

By reviewing these three pillars of L&D, we will discuss how capabilities are shifting by reviewing new research from Bersin by Deloitte. We will review how the traditional learning organization capabilities that have brought us to the precipice of digital transformation will not sustain learning in the future. As such, we will review the new learning organization capabilities broken out into three key areas:

  • Strategic
    • Notes: Review experience and technology required for enhanced experience
  • Core
    • Notes: touch on 4 building blocks and show how they are still relevant even though work and learning are changing
  • Enablers
    • Notes: Discuss tools for enabling learning like Percipio mini app

Join us to learn practical strategies to bring your learning culture into the digital age through sustained learning. You will also hear how Skillsoft's esteemed customer base has done just that.

Audience Applicability: All new and existing clients from Skillsoft and SumTotal, who have an interest in developing a plan for anticipating and meeting the learning needs of the organizations.

Melany Barlow, Senior Customer Success Manager, Skillsoft
Kiersten Yocum, Customer Success Manager, Skillsoft
Women in Action: Creating a Winning Program for all Leaders

Whether you are looking for a way to strengthen leadership amongst your teams, bring together a group of women in leadership positions to collaborate and mentor each other, or watch your employee's engagement levels soar, this is the workshop for you. In this workshop we will share tools and resources to:

  • Help you build a year-long program to support your women leaders
  • Move your company forward through an expansion in diversity
  • Break down barriers within your workforce with respect to biases
  • Allow an opportunity for your leaders to collaboratively mentor each other

Laureen Langto, Team Lead, Solution Services, Skillsoft
Chelsey Standing, Team Lead, Solution Services, Skillsoft
Breaking into the IT Space

IT is a unique area to push out content and run a structured program. Learn from clients that have rolled out a targeted program supported by cohorts, marketing design to attract the IT group and measure the program to increase its mark within the business.


In this workshop we would focus on some of the best practices from clients who are successful within the IT space. How they manage, align and measure their programs for success. Also touch into the tools available to help with this process with Skillsoft

  • Differentiation of the IT Space
  • Best Practices to push adoption
  • How to measure value or impact to the organization
  • Tools available to support

Audience Applicability: All new and existing clients from Skillsoft and SumTotal who have an interest in developing a strong program to support IT employee development.

Santiago Chavez, Customer Success Manager, Skillsoft
Brian Irvin, Senior Solution Architect, Skillsoft
A scalable approach to building your own corporate university

Education about what is a corporate university and the future of the corporate university. The blended approach of classroom, online collaboration etc. It like all other things will be shifting to digital. The idea of a corporate university is inspiring but seems like a huge undertaking. How can you scale your online learning program into a "corporate university?"


  • Importance of the Corporate University
  • Future state of the Corporate University
  • Aligning the content to business objectives or job roles for professional development.
  • How to turn your program into a corporate university. Brand importance and credibility internally.
  • How to leverage resources available to make a curated experience for your learners.

Audience Applicability: All new and existing clients from Skillsoft and SumTotal who have an interest in developing a Corporate University.

Sarah Campbell, Customer Success Manager, Skillsoft
Deric Crosby, Program Manager, Skillsoft
Michael McTague, Senior Program Manager, Skillsoft
John Heyman, Unisys
2:30 p.m. 3:00 p.m. Break
3:00 p.m. 4:30 p.m. Workshops
If you build it, will they come? Getting beyond technology
Discussion focused on outlining business outcomes and aligning processes and people along with technology to meet the objective. Business Process, Change Management, Content Strategy – putting the pieces all together.

Nathan Schroeder, Principal Solution Architect, SumTotal
Josh Rothmel, Director, Professional Services, SumTotal
Leading the digital transformation through spaced learning - An agile approach to overcoming the forgetting curve

Digital transformation is promptly occurring as businesses work to transform customer experience, operational processes, and business models. At the same time, there is a rapid change in both the workforce and the expectations of the workforce. There are now five generations currently working together, all expecting their experiences at work to mirror those of their personal consumer habits.

In order to keep up with these massive changes, businesses must become adaptable and able to educate workers in just a moment's notice so that they are prepared to become part of the digital transformation. This means that L&D must rethink its traditional way of developing employees. Join us in this workshop to discover a new take on learning – a way that blends both micro and macro learning together and overcomes the forgetting curve. By applying this methodology, you can ensure that your workforce will be ready to shift on a moment's notice and remain competitive in the new transforming marketplace.

  • Understand what digital transformation is and how it impacts global businesses across all industries.
  • Hear about the shift in the L&D marketplace from eLearning to Digital Learning and how Skillsoft's family of products stack up against the current landscape of L&D.
  • Determine the difference between spaced learning and binge learning and when each is appropriate.
  • Review both the learning and forgetting curves and learn how spaced learning affects knowledge retention.

Evaluate the use of micro and macro learning and understand how each method can be applied to either shift behavior or complete a JIT task.

Audience Applicability: All new and existing clients from Skillsoft and SumTotal who have an interest in developing diverse workshops.

Annie Jekova, Senior Customer Success Manager, Skillsoft
Jessica Philpott, Customer Success Manager, Skillsoft
Maximizing your investment

Open Q&A forum for optimization questions. Staffed with subject matter experts from our Solution Architect and Professional Services teams.

Sandy McQueen, Consulting Practice Lead, SumTotal
Mike Mosgrove, Senior Solution Architect, SumTotal
Sean Hjorth, Consulting Practice Lead, SumTotal
Mike Van Doren, Director, SMB Solution Architects, SumTotal
Impactful and Actionable Data – telling the story of the value of learning

It goes without saying that L&D must be tightly aligned with the strategic objectives of the organization in which it operates – ATD/ROI Institute has reported that 96% of C-level executives want to know the business impact of learning. In today's data-driven world, the basis for measuring this impact falls largely to data analysis, yet "the lack of processes or tools to measure success" remains the most significant barrier for organizations unable to leverage data for business decisions. Even if data is available, L&D faces the added challenge of presenting these details in an easily consumable format. A recent study found that information communicated through stories is 35% more persuasive and 21% more memorable than any other format.

Through a sample story, and supported by hands-on activities, this workshop will equip participants with the tools required to extract meaningful data from their Skillsoft learning platform(s), and to mold that data into a cohesive narrative to present to their learning program stakeholders.

This workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Connecting the Dots: How to tie learning outcomes to business objectives
    • Brief primer on alignment and success criteria
  • Mining the Data: Reporting best practices to enable efficient data gathering in Skillport, TPLMS, Percipio, and Skillsoft Digital Skills platforms
    • Identifying the available data points and determining which are the most relevant
    • Practical tips for running reports
    • Interpreting Percipio dashboards
  • Writing the Story: The art of crafting a meaningful narrative
    • Techniques to interpret the data gathered
    • The characteristics of a good story
  • Storytelling: Presenting the narrative for maximum impact
    • Selecting the right medium
    • Tailoring the message to the intended audience
  • Additional topics:
    • Reviewing the most common data points that are tracked across our clients
    • Discussing the importance of measuring data points that truly impact the business
    • Showing how to tie usage data to organizational KPIs
    • Showing examples of how data can be used to make decisions (i.e. communication strategies)

Audience Applicability: All new and existing clients from Skillsoft and SumTotal who have an interest in creating actionable data for impactful decisions.

Sarah Armentrout, Solution Architect, Skillsoft
Alex Campbell, Customer Success Manager, Skillsoft
Liz Snell, Team Lead, Customer Success, Skillsoft
Innovative Marketing Techniques for the Modern Learner: How Advances in Technology Can Transform Your Organizations Learning Strategy

As we move into the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it is becoming increasingly apparent that business trends are shifting and evolving. Organization's need to be innovative in order to keep up with consumer demands and interests. Is this any different for your learning strategy? It shouldn't be!

The delivery of your learning program should be thought of as a continuous journey aligned to the needs of the modern learner. Building an effective marketing strategy is key to ensure that learners have what they need when they need it and, more importantly, seamlessly integrated in to their work day.

In this session, we will discuss marketing strategies you can use to engage today's modern learner:

  • Understand your organization's business imperatives and learning culture
  • Know your audience and what they need to be successful
  • Create new and innovative ways to market your programs (and create buzz!)
  • Identify ways to measure (and adjust) your marketing strategy for increased value

Audience Applicability: All new and existing clients from Skillsoft and SumTotal who are managing learning programs and need to increase adoption.

Katherine Murphy, Customer Success Manager, Skillsoft
Tracey Taylor, Customer Success Manager, Skillsoft
The Impact of Services: How Solution Services can help your organization

Our Solution Services team inspires people to be engaged in personal and organizational development, and we execute programs to continually strengthen adoption by delivering tailored programs. We extend our core services capabilities to assist clients with the design and execution of their learning programs, which maximizes the value of their investments.

We supplement clients' Learning and Development teams by providing service in these 4 key areas:

  • Strategic – define digital learning strategy and structure to maximize value derived from investments
  • Product specific – tied to specific technologies or learning products, this group of services can help accelerate your ramp up time and utilization of key products supported through these services
  • Learning Program Management/Adoption - meant to increase awareness of learning programs, remove obstacles and maintain learner engagement and motivation through regular communication and outreach initiatives
  • Administrative – supportive services for day-to-day activities that are part and parcel of operating a learning program so that you can focus on the important task of consulting and engaging with internal stakeholders

In this session, participants will learn:

  • The impact of services on overall adoption rates
  • Hear stories from clients who have excelled in learning programs by implementing services
  • How you can use services in your organization
  • Best practices to enhance learning and development within your organization

Audience Applicability: All new and existing clients from Skillsoft and SumTotal who have an interest in developing a strong learning environment with the help of Skillsoft resources.

Amy Reid, Senior Manager, Solution Services, Skillsoft
Kas Salazar, Services Design Architect, Skillsoft
Corena Walby, Service Delivery Manager, Skillsoft
Executive sponsorship the secret weapon to drive the adoption of learning

We are always focused on the "what's in it for me" factor and the importance of manager sponsorship. What happens when your executives hold some of the effort? Employees are less likely to disregard emails that come from a stakeholder than they are for an L&D team. For programs that are designed to develop a change in mindset it becomes difficult to measure its success and validate its application. Here are some best practice approaches on how to manage and succeed in a blended program by leveraging executive sponsorship.

This session would be to discover why sponsorship is important to a program and the difference it can make in adoption. Learn how to identify and appeal to your sponsor to participate in the program through different levels of commitment by making it scalable and applicable with a small focus and time commitment from the sponsor. Share different mediums to maximize impact. Key factors to cover:

  • Background on the importance of sponsorship.
  • How to engage your sponsor and gain commitment.
    • Identify organizational priorities.
    • Finding the appropriate executive to appeal to the audience by concentrating on their roles and personal interests.
  • How to maximize the engagement to promote topic.
    • Own topic
    • Making it scalable for the individual
    • Share personal takeaway or aha moment from their selected content.
    • Select a medium email, virtual meeting etc. Have that owner explain why it's relevant.

Sarah Campbell, Customer Success Manager, Skillsoft
Sharon McKechnie, Team Lead, Customer Success, Skillsoft
Finding the Right Incentive: Effective Strategies to Increase Adoption Beyond the Short-Term

When it comes to increasing participation with e-learning platforms, one of the most effective strategies has proven to be implementing incentives for participation, whether this is in the form of a prize draw, a free lunch, or another ‘get' for participating in online learning. However, despite strong evidence of short-term gains in adoption figures, not all clients are able to sustain this momentum long-term.

Today's session will explore the advantages and challenges related to incentive-based marketing campaigns, and provide best practice advice on how to select incentives that help learners create long-term e-learning habits. After all, our collective goal is to blend e-learning seamlessly into your overall learning culture! Our session will cover (under construction):


  • Finding incentives that encourage repeated behavior (structure your campaign to encourage repeated visitation that is meaningful to daily activities, and not just ‘token' e-learning activity: example: required to submit a statement on how the e-learning activity influenced their day-to-day activities)
  • The value of micro vs. macro learning (essentially the idea that only rewarding for completions and how this can limit the ability for e-learning to develop as an as-needed resource for quick answers to on-the-job questions)
  • Keep key business objectives in mind (design the campaign to highlight resources that relate to key business objectives and job role-related tasks)
  • Ensuring that the reward matches the exercise (I mean, we'd all love to give away a car, but let's be realistic: that isn't going to create a ‘habit': find incentives that will relate to their job role, such as a team lunch for the most actively participating team, and structure the prize so that part of the reward is a meeting involving conversation about how this activity has impacted workflows and efficiencies for the team).

Audience Applicability: All new and existing clients from Skillsoft and SumTotal who have an interest in overcoming challenges with enhancing adoption of learning.

Anita Heller, Team Lead, Customer Success, Skillsoft
Beth Zimmer, Senior Customer Success Manager, Skillsoft
L & D's influence on Workplace Culture

86% of business leaders say culture is an urgent talent issue, yet only 14% understand what the right culture really is (Bersin, 2016). In 2014, culture was Merrian-Webster's word of the year, but yet 3 years later, organizations are still struggling to understand exactly what that means. In fact, in the US, Google searches for the term workplace culture have been increasing since the recession in 2008. It seems that everyone understands that culture is important, and they know when companies don't have a favorable one, but they aren't sure what the right culture fit is.

Just how important is workplace culture? Countless studies have shown that organizations with a strong cultural values and a clear sense of purpose consistently outperform their peers.

Join us in this workshop to learn just how important of a role learning and development plays in workplace culture. We've talked for years on learning culture, but now we look at how learning impacts the overall culture of your organization.


  • Understand what workplace culture really is
  • Understand why culture is so important now (creates innovation, brings teams together, age of transparency)
  • Demonstrate how L&D impacts every aspect of the organizations culture
  • Understand the 5 elements of employee culture and engagement as suggested by Bersin
  • Hear how other companies are successfully engaging their multi-generational workforce
  • Learn the importance of measuring the impact of culture through employee engagement metrics

Katherine Fuller, Solution Service Design & Senior Programme Manager, Skillsoft
Dawn Ryan, Senior Customer Success Manager, Skillsoft
Enticing your learners from any device…Make it Easy and Make it Count

Options for configuring your company's Skillport "What's New" page can range the simple to the complex. We will review out of the box configurations options and some more advanced techniques using your company's graphics and HTML. We'll eliminate the fear of HTML code and help you begin to create a custom homepage with image mapping and share links.

This workshop will also demonstrate how to use several social learning apps in conjunction with your traditional LMS Learning, discuss how other clients have achieved success with customizing the learning experience, and receive feedback how to enhance your Skillport site.

Let's create program value through increased Alignment, Accessibility and Adoption – Get the learning to your people, where they want it.

Audience Applicability: All new and existing clients from Skillsoft who want to enhance their mobile strategy and explore Skillport customization Possibilities.

Christa MacDonald, Platform Specialist, Skillsoft
Kevin Phelps, Solution Architect, Skillsoft
3:30 p.m. 5:00 p.m. Public Sector Networking Session

Optional networking session for state, local and higher education attendees

If you're attending a workshop that doesn't end until 4:30 please come and join us after.

Saeyoung Chang, TrojanLearn Curriculum Specialist, University of Southern California
David Davis, TrojanLearn Curriculum Manager, University of Southern California
6:00 p.m. 7:30 p.m. Welcome Reception sponsored by Bluewater

Thursday, April 12

7:30 a.m. 8:30 a.m. Perspectives 2018 Breakfast
8:30 a.m. 9:00 a.m. COO Keynote
Chad Gaydos, Chief Operating Officer, Skillsoft
9:00 a.m. 9:30 a.m. Learning in the Flow of Work

For years organizations have been trying to solve the problem of "on-demand learning" - providing employees, customers, and leaders access to just enough information and skills development to get them where they want to go. In 2018, for the first time, this new mode of learning is possible. In this research-based presentation, Josh Bersin, Principal and Founder, Bersin by Deloitte, will show how micro-learning, macro-learning, and adaptive learning have come together to make "learning in the flow of work" really happen for your organization.

Josh Bersin, Principal and Founder, Bersin™, Deloitte Consulting LLP
9:30 am. 10:10 a.m. What's Your Positioning DNA? What Does it Tell You About Your Company, Your Positioning and Your Success?

Like people, companies are organisms that reflect their creators, their environments, their obstacles, and their strengths. They carry a core instruction set that informs the actions and outcomes of their work. In short, they have DNA. Not chemical, biological DNA, of course, but corporate DNA. Knowing your positioning DNA can help you align your messaging and drive more successful organizational performance and results.

What you will learn:

  • What your DNA tells you about your company, your workforce, your customers and your products.
  • The importance of understanding positioning in order to make strategic decisions on branding, messaging and corporate values.
  • The Six C's of positioning.
  • How to embrace or change your DNA.
  • How some leading companies have used their positioning DNA to strengthen their brand, transform their business and achieve success

Andy Cunningham, Founder, Cunningham Collective
10:10 a.m. 10:40 p.m. Break in Partner and Product Expo
10:40 a.m. 11:10 a.m. Technology Update

Hear from our CTO, Apratim Purakayastha (AP), about exciting developments and the future vision for Skillsoft, Percipio and SumTotal. AP will talk about the next generation of product advancement across Percipio and SumTotal and demonstrate current and upcoming technologies, discuss product roadmaps, and layout an overall technology vision for the company.

Apratim Purakayastha, Chief Technology Officer, Skillsoft
11:10 a.m. 11:30 a.m. Content Update

Join Mark Onisk, our new Chief Content Officer as he takes you through all the new innovations across the content portfolio. Mark, who was appointed in December 2017, brings a proven track record in delivering award-winning learning products and is responsible for Skillsoft's mission of delivering rich and engaging learning content across the portfolio. In his short tenure in the position, Mark has charted a vision for the future and delivered innovations across our product offering, and in this session he will share our content strategy and his vision for elevating our product experience.

Mark Onisk, Chief Content Officer, Skillsoft
11:30 a.m. 11:50 a.m. Innovation Award Announcements
Chad Gaydos, Chief Operating Officer, Skillsoft
11:50 a.m. 12:30 p.m. Why Getting Comfortable in the Uncomfortable is the Secret to Success

Being agile and adaptable are crucial skills in today's ever-changing work world. Those who learn how to evolve alongside technology, emerging markets and new roles will ultimately achieve more success. Wendy Sachs argues that we all need to have entrepreneurial mindsets and embrace concepts of embracing failure and risk taking to compete in the workforce today. Sachs distilled practical guidance and lessons from those who have successfully learned how to redefine their skills and their roles in a climate of constant market and organizational change.

Wendy Sachs, Author, Fearless and Free: How Smart Women Pivot and Relaunch Their Careers
12:30 p.m. 1:30 p.m. Lunch in Partner and Product Expo sponsored by Rapid LD
1:40 p.m. 2:25 p.m. Breakout Sessions
Percipio: Deep Dive and Q&A with Product Team

See the top 5 things that set Percipio apart in the marketplace.

Xerox will share their vision for using pre-curated channels.

See the user and admin personas that inspire the design of the user interface.

See the latest: Leadership Development Program and ELSA.

Q&A with the Product team.

Potoula Chresomales, Senior Vice President, Product Management, Skillsoft
Steven Rath Morgan, Head, Global Learning Innovation and Operations, Xerox Corporation
SumTotal 18.1 Deep Dive

This session will highlight the key features added in the latest release across the product suite - Learning Management, Talent Management, Talent Acquisition and Workforce Management along with additional enhancements to the core platform.

Kevin Currier, Senior Vice President & Chief Architect, SumTotal Systems
Debasis Dutta, Vice President & General Manager, Product Management, Software Development , SumTotal Systems
Democratizing Leadership Development - Skillsoft's New Leadership Development Program

All organizations need leadership development, but very few do it well, as employees consistently rate leadership development programs as ineffective. And yet, organizations are spending more on leadership development than ever. Part of the issue is where they are spending - dollars are disproportionately spent on the senior and executive segment, even though the opportunity for high-potentials, emerging and front-line leaders is greatest and programs targeted to those levels are most in need of improvement. While 75% of the workforce will be comprised of Millennials by 2025, nearly half get no leadership development at all. Against this backdrop, there is a fundamental shift in how leaders need to operate today. The practice of leadership is shifting from the individual to the collective and new competencies are required. Leadership practices need to be aligned to greater organizational pressures associated with the pace of disruptive change, the requirement for increased collaboration, and the expectation of agility, just to name a few, but leadership development programs have not evolved to meet these pressures. Organizations need to change the way they think about and implement leadership learning to make it more egalitarian and more in alignment with the modern organizational context. To be competitive, organizations must make leadership training accessible to high potentials and emerging leaders across the entire organization. Achieving that will require organizations to leverage cost-effective, scalable, flexible, effective and efficient leadership development programs. This session will center up a new leadership development offering that Skillsoft has developed (SLDP) to address these issues and provide a solution for organizations in every vertical and of every size.

Heide Abelli, Senior Vice President, Content Product Management, Skillsoft
Make Connecting Employees to their Development Easy by Integrating Skillsoft into SumTotal

Over 10 years ago, Ascension began a relationship with SumTotal, making it the primary LMS for the enterprise. Over seven years ago, our technical division engaged Skillsoft as a supplemental professional development learning resource. SumTotal has been home to compliance and required training for all associates. As word about Skillsoft got out, other business units started standing up hosted portals too.

By August 2017, seeing the desire for access to Skillsoft resources continuing to grow, the decision was made to expand access to Skillsoft content to all associates via an integration into SumTotal, which we aligned with a planned SumTotal upgrade. And that is when our adventure began. We weren't just combining two tools into one, we were providing different libraries to different teams and trying to bring our vision for learning to life. If we could successfully entice associates into an environment they've previously only utilized for required training, we could connect them to what's possible in their professional development path. Not an easy feat, but we are off to a good start.

In this session, we'll explore:

  • The business need that drove the integration
  • How we did it using ultra-integration, TMU and audiences
  • A different king of marketing strategy, engaging users without assignments or requirements

Angela Chesmore, Program Manager, OD&L Delivery Technologies and Solutions, Ascension Health Alliance
Dianne Holley, Manager, Learning & Development Technologies MWF, Ascension Health Alliance
Productive Learning Environment: Building Learner Accountability, Experience, Capability, and Impact

We have one goal: to build a productive learning environment where our team members can learn and grow every day. But the landscape of learning is changing around us...

The challenges and opportunities of the modern learner demand that we redefine what learning means in our corporate environment. At Micron, we are placing our learners in the position of power for their learning; enabling them to easily find, consume, and apply learning in their career; helping them understand how best to learn in our corporate environment; and ultimately, enabling higher levels of performance and engagement through learning.

In this session, we will explore these challenges and share how Micron is adapting to address them with solutions that reflect current and future reality.

Denise Voss, Director, Global Learning and Development, Micron Technology, Inc.
Alan Kindall, North America Learning & Development Manager, Micron Technology, Inc.
Troy Van Houten, IT Organization Change Manager, Micron Technology, Inc.
Enable Cutting Edge Career Pathing with SumTotal 17.1

In this interactive and high energy session you will learn how to connect your team members development to their professional journey and career planning. Today, most career discussions are informal, unstructured and often held during a performance review cycle as a way to "check a box". With SumTotal 17.1, there is new functionality to systematize the journey and help team members and your organization reach new heights. Come and learn what PSAV has done to implement and deploy a career path strategy and leave with a blueprint to discuss with your executive team.

Derek Blake, Senior Director, Global Learning & Development, PSAV
Moving Ahead: How the Toronto Transit Commission designed and launched highly successful, sustainable development programs utilizing Skillsoft products

Alan Lyons, Employee Development Specialist, will describe how the TTC has utilized Skillsoft's Skillport library and Leadership Advantage products to develop a range of highly successful learning and development programs to its employees, including the TTC's 8,000 unionized workers. This case study was presented at Skillsoft's 2017 Toronto Perspectives session and was met with such great interest and enthusiasm that he was invited to Las Vegas to provide an update on the TTC's Skillsoft experience.

Alan Lyons, Employee Development Specialist, Toronto Transit Commission
Skillsoft Content, Tools and Technologies Innovating the Future for IT Skilling

Is your organization prepared to thrive in the digital economy? How connected are you with the unique and differing needs of your IT and software development organizations? Do you have learning solutions in place to address topics such as DevOps, Cybersecurity, Cloud, Big Data and Analytics? How have you accounted for the differences between your IT audience, who are responsible for your organization's infrastructure, vs. your software development team, who are likely building your products of the future? In this session, we will talk through the unique learning personas of the IT professional versus the software development professional, and review specific strategies for addressing the skill development needs of each audience.

Mark Onisk, Chief Content Officer, Skillsoft
Driving Development Forward

Meritor has spent the last few years on a journey that led us down the road to increasing engagement, exceeding our M2016 strategic objectives and launching new development programs. Our success hinges on employee engagement, working collaboratively, adapting quickly and leveraging the right partners. Our HR team has been proactive in working with the business leaders to solve development challenges and develop people solutions that are aligned to the needs of the organization.

During this session attendees will:

  • Hear about our journey of investing in employees
  • Learn how to align Skillsoft assets to your current processes and programs
  • Gain insight to the importance of strategic marketing to increase Skillsoft utilization
  • Understand how to leverage various Skillsoft products for Leadership Development

Candice Reyes, Director Global Talent Management & Talent Acquisition, NA, Meritor
The Not-So-Secrets to Our Success

Are you new to Skillsoft or a long-standing client who is tasked with growing your online learning investment? Whichever you represent, you may be asking yourself, "What do I need to do to succeed?" or maybe, "I wish I would have known that when I first started this project."

Success in deploying an online learning program can differ from project to project, or company to company. Some organizations measure by adoption, alignment to business initiatives, engagement, or return on investment. At Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), Leslie has been managing U-Learn, their online learning program, for over 20 years. Drawing from insights (and mistakes), she will share LLNL's implementation strategies that helped U-Learn receive Skillsoft's Learning Program of the Year – Public Sector in 2017.

During this session attendees will learn:

  • Strategies for a successful implementation
  • Best practices for broad program adoption
  • How to demonstrate strong program ROI

Leslie Positeri, Senior Training & Development Specialist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Our SAAS Life: From customized to standardized in a decentralized environment
In 2017 the University of California moved to the SAAS environment after 10 years on a customized TotalLMS platform. With thousands of activities, over 300,000 users, and LMS administrators with a myriad of responsibilities in addition to the upgrade process, we had our work cut out for us. By focusing on planning, communication, tools, and collaboration, we successfully made the transition and are living the SAAS life!

Given our highly decentralized model, the experience has been an adventure, but one well worth making. Come and talk with us about our experiences, lessons learned, and knowledge gained!

By attending this session, attendees will be able to describe:

  • Communication processes and tools that supported the transition
  • Advantages and disadvantages of SAAS versus a customized environment
  • Managing expectations around new functionality with the global structure of the Core Platform
  • Adjusting to the process of ongoing updates/upgrades

Jayme Mogen, Manager, Systemwide Talent Systems and Analytics, University of California, Office of the President
Nancy Terry, Senior LMS Administrator, University of California, Office of the President
Payroll Latest Release Update & Roadmap

Join product leaders and your peers for an interactive session that highlights the most popular release features and discover the latest enhancements. Influence the product roadmap with a sneak peek at the future of SumTotal Payroll and discuss your ideas for implementation.

Mario Besner, Senior Director, Product Management & Software Development, SumTotal
Growth Edition Product Roadmap

Join us for a look at recent updates to SumTotal Growth Edition, and learn how you can leverage new capabilities and enhancements while minimizing change. We’ll also include a look at the Maestro roadmap, and include time for interactive questions and answers.

Mikka Kjarland, Senior Product Manager, SumTotal
2:35 p.m. 3:20 p.m. Breakout Sessions
Driving Performance and Change through Learning

Datacom is experiencing rapid growth and they recognise that skilled people and being customer centric are essential for their continued success. Without a learning strategy that enables them to scale efficiently and at speed they will not be able to enable their digital transformation and accelerate business growth as they envisage. The key drivers for change are the need to drive costs out of the business, build consistent and robust business processes that tie into performance delivery, retain and develop good people, reduce risk, provide career mobility opportunities and position Datacom as partner of choice (for employees and customers).

Datacom's talent development strategy focuses on building technical, business and personal acumen. Together we are developing a learning eco-system that leverages Enterprise Collection to drive performance improvement across all disciplines, business units and geographies.

In this session, Wynn will discuss:

  • Why digital transformation means a fundamental change to the learning strategy
  • How our blended learning approach is driving leadership excellence
  • The link between blended learning and customer success
  • Key elements of the Datacom/Skillsoft partnership

Wynn Schollum, Group Manager Learning & Organisation Development, Datacom
SumTotal Customer Support Update

SumTotal Customer Support Update

Ed Zaval, Senior Vice President, Global Support, SumTotal Systems
Virtual, Social and On-the-Job. How today's manager prefers to learn and how these elements offer creative flexibility in program design.

When your company is growing at the speed of light, preparing the next generation of leaders at each level of your organization quickly becomes the pre-requisite for success. In this session you will learn the methodology to create a scalable virtual learning program that meets the learner where they are and prepares them for where they are going. The themes covered in the program help learners to develop the skills to manage self, manage others, lead change and develop mindful leadership. Key program elements are listed below:

  • A holistic virtual solution with on-the-job and social learning components that engages earners across multiple languages
  • Design is based on the continuous learning model and includes transfer of learning tools to track learner progress
  • Compelling content allows for online program marketing via virtual bulletin boards
  • Evaluation includes the Kirkpatrick 4 levels and ROI is tied to business results

This session will be open to Q&A.

Ayesha Williams, Director Talent & Leadership Development, Hilton Hotels
Put Your Development Programs on Autopilot: Leveraging SumTotal and Skillsoft for Hands-Free Manager Onboarding

BAE will be presenting on their New Manager Onboarding process. Like many other companies, BAE Systems was challenged with consistency in how they assimilated new people managers in a large, geographically-decentralized environment, which created gaps around communicating expectations and providing necessary training on compliance issues and the company's expectations of its leaders. In some situations, these managers were new to the company and in others they were new to management. To address this, they leveraged SumTotal's dynamic audience feature to automatically identify new people managers across all business units and geographies. Then, they aligned SumTotal and Skillsoft to deliver just-in time, relevant learning opportunities to these managers through custom notifications with links to BAE Systems programs and Skillsoft offerings. This approach has expanded their reach and accessibility to managers even in the remotest locations accessing their world-class leadership readiness resources, brought efficiency through automation with significant time and cost savings around new manager training, decreased new manager time to performance and increased engagement levels for new managers and their teams.

Robert Browne, Instructional Designer, Talent Solutions, BAE Systems
Mike Kessler, Chief Learning Officer, BAE Systems
Driving ROI in a decentralized learning environment

In a decentralized learning environment, it can be challenging to meet the needs of the various learning functions. With Skillsoft's flexibility of content distribution, Global Professional Development could quickly and efficiently meet the needs of a large variety of learning requirements. This project was one focused on certifications in four key areas: IT, Finance, Project Management, Operational Excellence. Through a third-party measurement company, we demonstrated a significant ROI for these four programs while providing excellent customer focus for our business learning leaders.

Keith Ondra, Global Professional Development Learning Lead, General Motors
From Many to One: One Vision, One Governance, One Transformed Learning Experience

Bringing together 7 different LMS platforms is a daunting task. With over 55, 000 employees and four independently run divisions in different vertical markets, Cox guided the organization with a common vision and strategy, resulting in what has been a turnaround for learning at Cox.

By strategically curating content, tightly aligning the system to internal needs, and establishing governance across all levels of the organization, Cox has had 83% of the entire employee population access the new Learn@Cox platform within the first 9 months, resulting in 520,000 enrollments.

Attendees of this session will understand:

  • The importance of creating a common vision not limited by what exists today but could be in the future
  • How an organization can be guided through large scale change
  • Why governance at all levels of the organization must be considered in decision making
  • How essential it is to keep the solution simple, elegant and most importantly meaningful to the organization and to the individual employees

Marienne Bernardes, Director, Learning & Development Council, Cox Enterprises
Clifford Howe, Manager Enterprise Learning Applications, Cox Enterprises
Andrea Lawson, Vice President, Talent Management & Diversity, Cox Enterprises
How We Delivered a Global Curriculum More Efficiently and Effectively at Accenture

Come and hear our story of how we utilized Skillsoft resources to deliver our global Program Project & Service Management curriculum in a more time and cost effective way.

Amy Howard, Learning Vendor Advisor, Accenture
Theresa Perusek, Senior Manager Accenture Operations, Accenture
Developing IT Employees: The Praxair IT Business Passport

The challenge for IT professionals today is to develop both the technical skills to perform and the business skills required to excel in their career amidst an increasingly competitive and dynamic IT landscape. Praxair partnered with Skillsoft to design an IT program that encourages IT associates to actively engage with their business colleagues, build their formal business knowledge on an on-going basis to become a Triple-Deep professional, who is highly skilled in business, industry and technical knowledge. At this session you will:

  • Learn how to design a program to provide IT professionals with the business knowledge they need along with upskilling them from an IT perspective
  • See a demo of the program and its components

Melissa Mejia-Polanco, Global Talent Development Leader, Praxair, Inc.
Jose Luis Suarez, HR Director, Global Organizational Learning and Development, Praxair, Inc.
Get 'Em Engaged and Connected - curate content, increase adoption, and make impact in employee development through new training avenues

The new world of work is upon us and employee development needs are changing quickly. Learn how a small L&D team in the heart of Silicon Valley re-engineered their training strategy for over 4,500 employees globally to reengage participation and foster connections cross-functionally. Using a small set of Skillsoft online modules to make a big impact, we'll share how we curated content, increased adoption, promoted our innovative offerings, brought employees together both in-person and virtually, and measured success. Join us as we share real examples of marketing materials, course content, and employee tools – not just the why of what we did, but even more about the how.

Kallan Christensen, Learning and Development Coordinator, Intuitive Surgical
Megan Gage, Manager, Employee Development, Intuitive Surgical
The Three A's: Tools for Developing a Global eLearning Strategy

Explore how your organization can develop a global eLearning strategy by utilizing tools for Application, Adoption and Assessment. Hear from TechnipFMC, a global leader in oil and gas projects, technologies, systems and services, who partnered with Skillsoft to deploy a global eLearning solution during a downturn in the energy market. One tool utilized by TechnipFMC was Skillsoft's Learning & Talent Maturity Assessment to better understand the company's current learning culture which lead to a strategy to mobilize and deploy an enterprise license utilizing three Skillsoft catalogs; Business Skills, Compliance and IT. Skillsoft was present every step of the way as TechnipFMC implemented a customized solution utilizing SkillStudio for the company's global roll-out of the Code of Business Conduct and supported the content migration to a 3rd party LMS. As part of the strategy, TechnipFMC's implementation team refined the goals and objectives, garnered support of leadership and deployed the plan by utilizing Skillsoft's Client Community and value add consulting. Finally, you will hear how Skillsoft's Value Impact Assessment has been instrumental in demonstrating to leadership the return on investment.

What you will learn:

  • Develop your eLearning Implementation strategy
  • Apply tools to drive your strategy
  • Measure results against your strategy

John Fisher, School Coordinator, TechnipFMC
Re-Inventing your Training Program into an "Awesome" Experience

How do we ensure we are creating training experiences that learners love & want to come back for? Making training an engaging experience is no longer considered out-of-scope, but a requirement for a successful learning program. We must redefine the learning experience, into an 'awesome' experience; learning experiences that are responsive & available when & where the end-user needs it in a format they love. This includes how a user finds their training, what platforms they can complete their training on, & how the training can be leveraged for a global audience.

In this session you will learn:

  • How to start re-thinking your approach to training: creating 'awesome' learning experiences
  • Use Case: How Intuit transformed their customer training experience into an 'awesome' experience
  • Tips & Tricks: How to build an 'awesome' learning experience in your organization

Syed Ali, Senior Global Program Manager, Intuit
Ayaz Quraishi, Director of Sales Engineering, Acumenity
The ROI Epicenter: The Measurable Impact of Workforce Management Integrated with Core HR, Learning and Talent

The deployment of modern technology for Workforce Management (WFM)—in the cloud, automated and integrated—brings much upside. For one, employers see demonstrable gains in productivity. Furthermore, when the technology replaces a legacy system, the reduction in cost can be significant. These benefits and more are known to yield a healthy return on investment (ROI).

In this session, participants will learn:

  • What modern Workforce Management looks like and how it delivers strong ROI
  • When the best time is to implement and deploy modern technology
  • The benefits of streamlining Workforce Management with Core HR, Learning and Talent

Brent Skinner, Principal Analyst, Nucleus Research
3:20 p.m. 3:50 p.m. Break in Partner and Product Expo
3:50 p.m. 4:35 p.m. Breakout Sessions
Empowering veterans with Percipio

Hire Our Heroes is the industry leader in providing no-cost training services in support of 100,000+ veterans who are transitioning, have recently transitioned or have struggled for years after having transitioned from the military to the civilian workforce. Our mission is to empower veterans and their prospective employers with the knowledge, skills, and innovative tools necessary to sustain a strategic workforce for our Nation. With a strong commitment and passion to work with veterans, our board and volunteers work to break down barriers, drive a new conversation about the potential of our veterans, engage organizations and communities, and connect veterans and military families with what they need for meaningful employment, education and overall wellness. Join us for this session to learn:

  • How Hire Our Heroes is using Skillsoft's Percipio platform to meet its mission to empower veterans with the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to complete in today's workforce
  • The key skill-gaps most common across the veteran community and how Skillsoft is helping to close those gaps
  • The marketing approach designed to effectively deliver the "What's in it for me?" message to 100,000+ veterans
  • How Hire Our Heroes is partnering with Skillsoft to measure success of the program
  • How your organization can partner with Hire Our Heroes to support the hiring of qualified veterans

Daniel Caporale, Chairman & Founder, Hire Our Heroes
The Power of Additional Perspectives. Utilizing third parties to bring new views to old problems.

Regeneron implemented both the performance management and the Learning tools in early 2016 and since then we have been on a journey to optimize not only our experience with the tool but also our user's experience. Working with our SumTotal Customer Success Manager, we engaged with and contracted on SumTotal paper their certified business partner BlueWater Consulting in 2017 to help us build out a roadmap to further enhance our use of the tools and the systems. During that consulting engagement, there were several key "ahas" that emerged from our conversations – the importance of the HRIS data, the need for governance, the build nature of the tools. This session will focus on both the process we used and the key learnings from that work.

Michelle Weitzman-Garcia, Executive Director, Workforce Development, Regeneron
Changing State Street Bank's Learning Culture through Engagement, Alignment, Adoption and Value

When State Street Bank assessed their user experience for accessing learning, they encountered a number of challenges including 17 clicks to launch elearning, inefficient curation and promotion of learning, and a long process to manage content. It was also difficult to accurately capture adoption and establish the value of learning to the company. As a result, they partnered with Skillsoft and tackled each of these challenges to deliver an improved learner experience with targeted programs with a single click to access content. As part of the process, the State Street team collaborated with Learning Partners across the organization on the alignment and promotion of content. They also established success criteria for their learning programs and today we deliver comprehensive data analysis against these criteria continuously showing the value of learning to the bottom line.

In this session, you will:

  • See examples of success criteria for an elearning program
  • Learn how to assess and improve the user experience
  • Learn how to engage internal stakeholders when aligning and promoting content
  • See examples of successful program design through blended Learning Programs
  • See an example of a successful Digital Transformation and Project Management program for all employees

Tom Costello, Assistant Vice President, Talent Development, State Street Corporation
SumTotal + Skillsoft = Awesome Content Curation and Delivery (AKA Getting Ready for a Flash-free World that Won't Break the Bank)

With major manufacturing plants located around the globe, Corning needed a better approach to providing Safety training to its employees. The current process, which was locally-driven, resulted to lots of custom built eLearning courses most of which were based on Adobe Flash. With the prospects of having to redevelop and translate that content, Corning turned to Skillsoft to help curate much of that content from their off-the-shelf libraries.


  • Why content curation is critical to cost effective training delivery
  • When curation is better than custom built
  • How to integrate Skillsoft with SumTotal LM
  • Business Case model (Excel) you can use with your organization

Amy Friend, Manager, Learning Technology and User Experience, Corning, Inc
Rachel Menard, Corning, Inc
Maximizing the Benefits of SumTotal Report Club

Explore how your organization could benefit from SumTotal Report Club. Utilizing their Advanced Reporting consultants and wealth of knowledge can quickly produce detailed and useful custom reports to use throughout your organization.

Camille Carter, HR Business System Administrator, HR Technology and Information Services, Health Care Service Corporation
Panel Discussion: Executive Insight on Career Development

In this session, senior leaders will compare notes on the topic of career development, which many companies are curious about, struggle with, and are actively studying right now. Panelists will provide attendees with insight into executive thinking from leaders who own strategic initiatives in this area and will help demystify both the challenges and the possibilities related to this topic and good execution of it.

The panel is comprised of four learning and talent management leaders from large enterprises in a diverse range of industries:

Derek Blake, Senior Director, Global Learning & Development, PSAV
Mike Kessler, Chief Learning Officer, BAE Systems
Andrea Lawson, Vice President, Talent Management & Diversity, Cox Enterprises
Jenifer Whitmer, Director, Employee & Leadership Development, Florida Blue
Brent Colescott, Senior Director, Global Learning & Development, SumTotal
Connecting Compliance to Business and Organizational Culture

It's 2018, and compliance and ethics scandals abound. From harassment to fraud to corruption, corporate and political leaders, employees and media personalities are making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Is compliance training working, or is there more to it? In this session we will look specifically at some of our most challenging compliance training issues like harassment and ethics and we will learn the steps and techniques to align compliance training programs to organizational culture and business performance to ultimately achieve positive impact and success.

John Arendes, Vice President & General Manager, Compliance Solutions, Skillsoft Compliance Solutions
Norman Ford, Vice President, Operations - Compliance Solutions, Skillsoft Compliance Solutions
"Digital Learning Booster"

In the summer of 2016, Deutsche Telekom set forth with the goal of building a "digital mindset" among its employees worldwide. Their journey began with the deployment of the revolutionary "Digital Learning Booster,” a transformational learning project rooted in the investment of employee preparedness. The purpose of the project was, and still is today, to provide employees of Deutsche Telekom, who reside in over 50 countries worldwide each with different language localization needs, with business-related skills, including methodological skills and desktop application skills.

In this session attendees will:

  • Receive an overview of the "Digital Learning Booster"
  • Learn the advantages, and challenges, of rolling out a transformational learning project

Mirija Schlemper, Deutsche Telekom AG
Can a Little Pebble Make a Big Splash?

One of the biggest obstacles a lot of companies face is not having enough resources to deliver learning and development opportunities to their co-workers. We are faced with a million priorities and not enough time to carry them out. From strategic direction to reporting, these mini departments are often called on to do it all. Who you partner with can make all the difference, and this workshop is designed to help you see how the resources available in Skillport can make your job a little easier and provide more value back to your organization.

Through using the updated business courseware Skillsoft has provided, we have re-energized our program over the past year with Gil's recommended courses. These courses started with a list of 38 courses from a variety of topic areas that were hand selected by our CIO. From there the list has continued to grow to supplement those materials with additional courses that help us meet the goals of the original courses as well as branch out into other areas that are beneficial to our organization.

Stephanie Linde, IT Training Manager, Mercy
Make an Impact on Your Tuition Assistance Program. Slight refinements can create substantial savings.

Verizon is a leader in the technology, telecommunications, and innovation space. We have a strong culture and believe that bigness is not our strength, best is our strength. Nowhere is that more evident than our employee benefits package and the inclusion of a competitive Tuition Assistance Program (TAP). The program encourages our employees to explore opportunities to make the best of themselves through higher education or professional certification.

As our Skillsoft program has grown over the years, we've integrated content offerings into our internal training curriculum. Through this process, it became evident that there was an opportunity as it related to professional certifications. We decided to take a deeper look into where these certifications may have some intersection with our internal offerings and TAP. Could there be opportunities where we could reduce costs while still providing these important benefits to our employees?

To date, only subtle changes to program administration and targeted promotion of available learning options have been carried out. While ongoing data analysis continues, attend this session to hear what Verizon has uncovered so far and where we intend to go from here.

In this session, we'll cover:

  • Steps taken to promote specific content
  • Overview of current VZ Tuition Assistance Program
  • Subtle changes taken between TAP and Skillsoft content
  • Results so far
  • Anticipated next steps

Chris Bentley, Consultant - Learning Technology, VZ Global Learning & Development, Verizon Communications
Creating a Unified Learning Experience: Why It's Important & Questions to Ask Platform Solution Providers

The driving force behind today's "next generation" learning platforms is to help organizations solve some longstanding problems such as disparate systems, underutilized content, inefficient search, and lack of actionable metrics. In other words, a more unified learning experience is needed. Our research found that choosing a solution provider for the best fit is can be accomplished by exploring a number of key areas of differentiation such as presentation of content, personalization, integration, and analytics. In this session, Bersin will share its recent research on next generation learning platforms and provide some questions buyers and implementers can ask to help identify the most appropriate platform for their organization.

Janet Clarey, Manager, Learning and Development Research, Bersin by Deloitte, Deloitte Consulting LLP
3:50 p.m. 5:00 p.m. Breakout Session
Leveraging Payroll with the Power of Analytics

Join SumTotal Payroll partner LPA Software Solutions to experience Cognos Analytics with live demos including Smart Search and report development. Gain applicable knowledge on Framework Manager and Data Modules and collaborate on developing new reports, dashboards and cubes that take advantage of Cognos Analytics with SumTotal Payroll.

In this session, participants will learn:

  • How to use dashboards for at-a-glance high impact reports
  • How to accelerate time to implementation
  • What it takes to migrate with our simple engagement model

Audience Applicability: This session is most appropriate for SumTotal Payroll customers.

This session has been approved by APA for One (1) Recertification Credit Hour (RCH).

Chris Keaton, Principal Consultant, SumTotal Services Program Manager, LPA Software Solutions LLC
4:45 p.m. 5:30 p.m. Breakout Sessions
Percipio: Integration with LMS and Q&A with Product Team

Review the different models for LMS integration.

Review xAPI and other options.

Q&A with Product Team.

Jim Renner, Director, Product Management, Skillsoft
Michael Snyder, Principal, Product Management, Skillsoft
Double Trouble: How NOT To Double Your Organization's Training Consumption

What would happen if your organization almost doubled its annual training consumption? In 2017, Edward Jones did just that – not exactly by choice, and not without some unintended consequences. This session examines the impacts of a "perfect storm" of a year, one in which necessity over-ruled choice and long-established patterns were either bent or broken. Some of the lessons learned, many of them common sense, include:

  • Yes, "over-communication" is a thing.
  • Don't promise things you can't deliver on time.
  • Put support in place before you assign.
  • Break familiar patterns at your own risk.

Keith Dudding, Learning Site Administrator, Edward Jones
Reframing Gender Diversity in the Workplace

Why has gender bias been so stubbornly resistant to change in corporate America? How does this bias harm employees, customers, and shareholders? In "Reframing Gender Diversity," Jon Kaplan will review the current corporate landscape and discuss the imperative of solving one of the most intractable issues in gender equity.

Jon Kaplan, Vice President of Learning & Development, Discover Financial Services
Increasing Adoption, Usage and ROI

The pace and amount of work employees are expected to complete is at an all-time high. It's no wonder that the amount of time spent on personal development has declined over the past several years! So what can we do about this? Come learn how PetSmart has more than doubled the amount of development content accessed by associates in year one of licensing Skillsoft development content. Whether you're just starting to think about licensing content for your organization – or you've had access to content for many years – this session is guaranteed to give you tips, tricks and ideas on how you, too, can increase adoption and usage while increasing your return on investment. Mark Dompier, PetSmart's Director of Talent Management and Learning is joined by Vanessa Mosher, Senior Manager, Learning Technology and Design and Lindsay Logan, Learning Systems Administrator for a fast-paced, informative and fun session that'll help you tackle the time-for-development-challenge in your organization.

Mark Dompier, Director Talent Development and Learning, PetSmart
Lindsay Logan, Learning Systems Administrator, PetSmart
Vanessa Mosher, Senior Manager, Learning Technology and Design, PetSmart
Cardno's journey in developing world-class professionals, through integrated technology solutions

Cardno's growth from a small engineering consultancy formed in Brisbane, Australia in 1945 to a global infrastructure, environmental and international development consultancy is due to a fundamental belief and commitment to training and developing its diverse workforce. Cardno created Cardno University to offer globally consistent and cost effective training that can be easily accessed and delivered in an inspiring and engaging style to drive business impact.

James Hanson, Global Cardno University Manager, Cardno
Contagious Culture: 4 Steps to Real Culture Change

The contagious culture session explores key lessons from the future of work and the impact a strong culture plays in company success. We will uncover the four keys to building and sustaining a world-class culture in your team and at your organization. We will share how we have used SumTotal to deploy leading-edge content to support the culture mission and how we have used Skillsoft to augment gaps identified through engagement surveys

Peter Lynch, Head of Talent, Social Responsibility and Inclusion, Great-West Financial
Keeping Your Company Compliant, While Saving Time and Money

Assigning compliance training to your organization is important, yet it doesn't always make you popular with the business. But what if you could optimize your annual compliance training to provide an immediate ROI that hits the bottom line of every department in your company? That is what we just accomplished at FedEx Office, saving over half a million dollars in man hours for FY18, just by finding opportunities in our compliance training and leveraging the compliance changes in Skillsoft's content. Want to know how you can do it too? Attend this session and leave with clear actions you can take to optimize your annual compliance training in your next fiscal year!

Jennifer Wilkerson, Senior Instructional Designer, Leadership & Programs, FedEx Office
Gina Gallagher, Senior Customer Success Consultant, Skillsoft
Tackling Employee Retention: Insights, Strategies and Solutions

Employee retention is without a doubt one of the most intense challenges facing most organizations. The retention crisis will undoubtedly intensify as the talent war rages and Millennials (who are notorious for job-hopping) become a bigger part of the workforce. Employee retention is not a talent issue, but rather a broader business issue. During this informative session, we will discuss how to diagnose retention issues, and share research and insights on how to solve them.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The latest retention strategies and how the latest employment trends impact turnover and retention
  • To identify the unique retention drivers for your organization
  • Tools to evaluate your learning and development strategy- and why it matters
  • How compliance issues in the marketplace are impacting training curriculums

Elaine Clement, Director, Product Management, ADP
Susan Hanold, PhD, Vice President, Talent Management, Strategic Advisory Services, ADP
Women in Action: Using Blended Learning to Maximize Your Investment

Kelly Watson, from Orange Grove Consulting, will present on how one large company is using facilitated peer coaching groups combined with the Skillsoft Women in Action product to create an intensive, learning focused program. She will discuss how integrating an in-person component with the online, independent learning modules provides flexibility, establishes connection, and maximizes learning. Experience-based cohorts individualize their learning with WIA followed by intervening sessions to increase accountability, optimize practice time, and create safe zones for open discussion and learning.

Kelly Watson, Managing Partner, Orange Grove Consulting
Serving Those Who Served: Improving Veteran Transition Through Training and Certification

The Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF) at Syracuse University operates several programs and conducts research, serving annually more than 20,000 military-connected members and their families across the globe through entrepreneurship education, career skills training, and community-based care-coordination networks. This presentation provides insights into how the IVMF has built a national program to advance these individuals’ civilian career opportunities and long-term employability by combining the power of the Skillsoft platform with a blended learning model and a suite of partnerships with employers and service providers.

Laura Cooper, Director, Advisement and Enrollment, Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University
Mike Schoeneck, National Program Manager, Onward to Opportunity, Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University
Competency & Content Mapping Automation with Percipio & SumTotal

Wouldn't it be great if learners spent less time searching for content and more time actually learning so employees across your organization could more efficiently and effectively achieve their professional development goals to move the business forward?

With Diplomat, Skillsoft is developing a new mapping tool that maps competencies to content and creates meaningful learning experiences in Percipio. Diplomat codifies our best practices in curation and automatically serves up learning paths populated with the most relevant and current content assets directly linked to identified competencies and learning objectives. Providing these capabilities to managers and learners enables them to more efficiently find the right content to meet their pressing development needs.

In this interactive session, you'll get a sneak peek at Diplomat, and participate in a research activity that gives you the opportunity to provide input on Diplomat's results and help us refine learning paths to ensure you're getting the content your learners need to develop professionally.

Chris Simpson, Content Curator, Skillsoft
David Bevans, Content Curator, Skillsoft
7:00 p.m. 9:00 p.m. Special Event

Friday, April 13

7:30 a.m. 8:30 a.m. Perspectives 2018 Breakfast
8:30 a.m. 9:15 a.m. Breakout Sessions
Timely & Timeless: The Essential Role of Curation in Skillsoft

Studies show that 1% of a typical work week is all employees can devote to learning and developing. This harsh truth is made harsher when you realize that most of that time is spent searching through a wealth of content assets. Content curation optimizes that effort and maximizes learning time for you and your employees. In this informative session, learn how Skillsoft curators are empowering learners by delivering timely, relevant, and directed content in the cloud-based intelligent learning platform Percipio.

You will learn:

  • The positive results content curation can have on you and your business
  • The unique ways Skillsoft approaches content curation within Percipio
  • The processes and tools we use to curate content

Chris Simpson, Content Curator, Skillsoft
David Bevans, Content Curator, Skillsoft
Rewriting the Rules for the Digital Age

Workshop description forthcoming

The role of today's HR teams is changing dramatically as organizations move toward a fully-digital workplace. Morné will discuss how HR leads transitions to digital and how successful HR teams support digital transformation.

In this breakout session we will discuss:

      What digital transformation means for an organization's people?
      Why is HR at the heart of any digital transformation?
      How can the right technology support and power HR's success?

Morné Swart, Vice President, Global Product Strategy & Transformational Leader, SumTotal
Developing Digital Dexterity In The Modern Organization

Digital transformation demands the realignment of, and new investment in technology, business models, and processes to create new value and innovative experiences for customers and employees. Every organization is in the midst of some level of digital transformation. In fact, 92% of companies are trying to reorganize in a way that allows them to build a digital culture, yet only 14% are sure they know how and most will say they lack the necessary skills required to tackle the digital transformation challenge head-on. Against this backdrop, the L&D function has an opportunity to deliver critical value to the business by enabling digital dexterity in the workforce. Enabling digital dexterity means providing the organization with core digital capabilities and competencies and developing a digital-ready workforce. The benefits of having a digitally-dexterous workforce include the ability to spot the competence-extending potential of technological innovations and the revenue-generating possibilities of pursuing them. This often also comes down to enabling the workforce to reframe or extend traditional business models or work processes to include a strong digital dimension. To achieve this, the organization needs to provide the workforce with access to training and development content that covers relevant digital era concepts, methodologies, tools, approaches and competencies. This session will also discuss Skillsoft's new Digital Transformation for the Business content offering.

Heide Abelli, Senior Vice President, Content Product Management, Skillsoft
Black Knight Managing for Success Program with Gamification

This session provides an overview of the Black Knight Managing for Success Program which highlights the use of Gamification with Skillsoft Assets to build and develop crucial management/leadership skills for new and existing managers. The Managing for Success Program is organized as a journey with key milestones where the manager will participate in a series of live-instruction, blended learning modules, and gamification experiences.

Rich Baker, Enterprise Learning Management System Administrator, Black Knight Inc.
Christina Treadway, Director, Learning & Leadership Development, Black Knight Inc.
Lloyd's Banking Group Innovation in Learning

Corporate e-learning libraries are often seen as dusty digital places; hundreds of courses sitting on a platform with low usage, yet costing the organisation money. Lloyds Banking Group has created an innovative approach to overcome this challenge. With huge, demonstrable increases in adoption, this session will demonstrate how to change the opinions of learners (and perhaps those in L&D!) when it comes to your online course catalogue.

  • Curating and surfacing topical content
  • Consultative approach matching learning to business needs
  • Creating a ‘demand plan' for learning
  • Delivering a quarterly impact analysis
  • Demonstrating saving the business time and money

Richard Clayton, Group Head of Learning, Lloyds Banking Group
Angela Sweeney, Curriculum Development Manager, Lloyds Banking Group
Continuing Education Credits - Growth Edition case study

This session will be a case study of how Great-West Life partnered with SumTotal to implement the Great-West Life vision. Continuing Education (CE) credits for financial security advisors is a complicated landscape. Our vision is to make obtaining and monitoring CE credits as easy as possible for all our advisors while still giving them flexibility to meet their complex needs.

Working with SumTotal has been a multi-year project starting with our vision and finishing with the launch of the Achievement manager feature on the LMS. As a result of this work we've gone from manually producing certificates to automatically providing CE credits for over 200 online courses and hundreds of instructor-led courses.

In this session you'll learn how we implemented our CE credit information initially and how we've grown since 2015 to include a more learner centric approach to issuing and managing CE credits. You'll also see how we worked with SumTotal and how you can make use of the same features we're using to great success today; including tagging content, HTML widget and page design methodologies, the new Achievement manager feature, and more.

Jeff Cadotte, Learning Technologist, The Great-West Life Assurance Company
Removing the barriers to learning

PG&E has had a Skillsoft program for the past 10 years. In the past, they have struggled with barriers to learning, including chargebacks and manager approval requirements. In the last year, they moved to an Enterprise agreement with Skillsoft, allowing them to open up learning to all employees. Additionally, moving to Skillport 8i, they have been able to customize the interface to align with their initiatives. They will also discuss partnering with LOB to understand learning needs and will address marketing and adoption plans for the upcoming year.

Deborah McNally, Manager, PG&E University, Pacific Gas and Electric
SumTotal Mobile App and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

With 13,000 aviation professionals operating over 2,100 daily flights, the need to provide training solutions for a mobile workforce has increased significantly. There are many things to consider when developing a mobile strategy. In this session we will discuss some of the hurdles organizations may encounter when embarking on a mobile training initiative. In addition, Nathan Schroder, Senior Solutions Architect with SumTotal will demonstrate the SumTotal mobile application.

During this session, we will discuss:

  • Developing a process to onboard learners for mobile use
  • Considerations for mobile/offline courseware development
  • User adoption/change management strategy
  • Single Sign On (SSO) for mobile
  • Considerations for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Spence Hyde, Director HR Technology, SkyWest Airlines
Nathan Schroeder, Principal Solution Architect, SumTotal
Improving the Customer Experience and Efficiency through Custom Navigation

In 2017, the University of Florida was undergoing preparations to upgrade from SumTotal 2015.1 to 2018.1. One goal was to "re-brand" the 2018 system to subconsciously improve user views on the system and associated education. We developed a custom landing page widget with custom links to common items as well as a custom image slider. As this is a shared platform between two organizations, the image slider allows both sides to update the images shown to promote upcoming additions, organizational news, or downtime announcements. This, with several other visual alterations, provided a brand new platform visually to start over.

A month before Go-Live, a team member conducted a focus group interview where users were asked to complete common tasks such as finding their Timeline, Transcript, or searching for a course. The results showed users having difficulty starting their training via the Timeline. We added a simple screenshot as the first slider image to show all users how to navigate the system.

This proved more beneficial than originally anticipated, and after Go-Live, we have had almost no user questions on basic navigation within the upgraded system. The ability to implement our own content directly within a landing page widget enabled creative ways to present information and produce simpler navigation for users. Without the ability to customize for our specific needs, users would be more confused with the system as a whole.

In addition, a self-help site was created consisting of user guides for both learners and administrators. The site consists of short explanations for common tasks and issues with easy to follow images. A button on the custom landing page was dedicated to direct users to this self-help site to explore and resolve their own technical issues.

Daniel Downey, Instructional Designer, University of Florida Health
Men and Women Leaders: What Companies Are Doing to Address Gender Skill Gaps for Successful Business and Personal Growth

In a recent survey conducted by Leadership Balance, less than 33% responded they do not have specific learning programs for men vs. women. In this session, Cathy Light, CEO of Lideranca Group, will share her insights on tackling diversity, equity and inclusion challenges in the workplace.

  • Given the recent media explosion- how to educate the workforce on defining what harassment, diversity, equality and inclusion really mean.
  • Top-performing companies are more likely to have dedicated programs to improve promotion rates for women; how do they do it?
  • What your organization can be doing to get more men invested in gender diversity.

Cathy will describe how her company, as a Skillsoft channel partner, is leveraging Skillsoft's leadership assets to help businesses successfully address the above.

Cathy Light, Chief Executive Officer, Liderança Group, Inc.
MyLearning Hackathon: Optimizing the LMS User Experience at TD Bank

TD has a long term partnership with SumTotal & Skillsoft. Following a major LMS upgrade in 2016, TD began to experience a high volume of LMS support cases, mostly related to navigation and technical issues with non-Skillsoft custom courseware. The internal brand of the LMS was suffering

HR then participated in an internal "Hackathon" that was run like TV's "Shark Tank" with teams "pitching" a business case to senior executives (including the CEO) for initiatives that would solve major pain points for customers and colleagues. Our pitch was the following:

For a small investment, we would improve the LMS user experience in 90 days. We would also deliver permanent cost savings by reducing LMS support calls by 45%. How would we accomplish this? This was our plan:

  1. Fix the "front end" user experience by:
    • Simplifying the UI through the use of configurable SumTotal dashboards
    • Creating a "Get Help" portal to enable self-service for common support issues
  2. Fix the "back end" business processes by:
    • Optimizing end-to-end eLearning development protocols
    • Optimizing LMS support across several HR teams

Through the project we consulted SumTotal Professional Services on LMS best practices and well as TD's Digital Channels team to assist with UX/UI design. We also used the opportunity to rebrand the LMS as "MyLearning" and to align the site with TD's Employee Value Proposition. Design Thinking principles were employed through the use of the "HR Think Tank" – facilitating instant and iterative feedback from colleagues across the globe.

What was the result? We delivered what we promised in 90 days:

  • 53% reduction in LMS support calls to our HR Contact Centre
  • Business Case realized with a financial payback in under 6 months
  • Improved MyLearning brand due to a redesigned UI that colleagues tell us they "love"!

Colin Field, Senior Manager, HR Business Solutions, TD Bank Group
The Evolution of Self-Service in HR

A much-too common problem that managers face is spending time on administrative functions rather than on strategic tasks that will improve the bottom line. Organizations that leverage self-service for both managers and employees experience higher productivity with a consumer-driven approach.

In this session, participants will learn:

  • How SumTotal is leading the self-service revolution across the suite
  • How to use Workforce Management self-service to achieve your learning and talent objectives
  • How to streamline payroll processes

Craig Fearon, Senior Principal, Product Management, SumTotal
Rita Battista, Senior Solutions Architect, SumTotal
9:25 a.m. 10:10 a.m. Breakout Sessions
Percipio: Provide Feedback on the Product Roadmap

Review the product roadmap for 2018.

See what is coming soon: Percipio Compliance.

Provide feedback on prioritization and sequencing of development efforts.

First glimpse at early stage R&D efforts.

Potoula Chresomales, Senior Vice President, Product Management, Skillsoft
SumTotal Talent Expansion Suite - The Road Ahead

This session would provide a sneak preview to the exciting capabilities in the upcoming 18.2 release as well as highlight a look ahead to the product roadmap for the rest of the year and beyond.

Kevin Currier, Senior Vice President & Chief Architect, SumTotal Systems
Debasis Dutta, Vice President & General Manager, Product Management, Software Development , SumTotal Systems
Launching a Successful Skillsoft Program

As a brand new Skillsoft customer, SCE did an amazing job with their implementation and program roll out with a very small team. This session reviews how SCE implemented their Skillsoft program, including requirements gathering, program goals, and implementation planning. Implementation plan review will cover project plans, communication plans and collateral, marketing, awareness, stakeholder engagement as well as change management and measurement. Also included are ways to drive usage and next steps to take including ROI measurement. Getting people excited about learning is truly the key and it takes a system to make that happen. At SCE, we realized that accesses were more important than course completions for metrics because they were encouraging users to use Skillport as a performance support tool to learn a new skills and drive retention by immediately applying new concepts on the job.

Debra Simeroth, Manager, Training Design & Delivery, Human Resources, Employee & Leadership Development, Southern California Edison
Creating a "One Stop Shop" for Learning and Career Development

Are your employees navigating multiple systems and webpages to access learning and career resources, only to be confused by what they find? Join this interactive session to learn how the University of California is transforming their Learning Management System (LMS) into a "one stop shop" for learning and career development tools and resources.

You'll walk away with:

  • An understanding of UC's Integrated Talent Management approach
  • An understanding of how to use the LMS to support this approach with tools, resources and analytics
  • Useful tips to get started at your location

Nancy Chen Lane, Senior Director of Systemwide Talent Management and Acquisition, University of California, Office of the President
The Hidden Training Need: Support Employee Growth and Productivity through Productivity & Collaboration Tools Training

With so much focus on the digital skills gap, it's easy to focus on training needs in hard digital skills. While we certainly do need to provide adequate training for our engineers and IT personnel, the training needs of employees who need a modest amount of digital skills, particularly in the use of productivity and collaboration tools, are slowly starting to come into focus. In this session, we will discuss the growing need of moderate digital skills, trends in productivity and collaboration tool usage, and the benefits of providing dedicated training in this area for onboarding, reskilling, and technology rollout.

Emily Wiese, Vice President, Digital Skills, Skillsoft
The Continuous Learning Program: A Fresh Approach to Manager Development

How do you uniformly improve the capability of your people manager workforce and still ensure that individual needs are being met? Think you've got the answer? You're sure? Because that's what comScore set out to do in 2017, and the result was an entirely new approach to program design.

During this interactive session, you will identify exactly what people managers need to be both willing and able to develop their skill sets. You will determine ways to meet all of those needs without compromise. And you will discover a radically flexible, scalable approach to learning design using tools and technology that you already possess.

If you plan to positively impact business outcomes through your managerial workforce this year, then perhaps you'd like to take home a fresh approach to manager development.

Ashley Raker, Learning Program Manager, comScore
Beth Teixeira, Director, Learning & Development, comScore
Ambition Builders

Online learning courses can be a great tool for employees to develop skills to help them achieve their ambitions at work. Purchasing the courses and making them available to employees in a learning management system is not enough though. Learning and Development teams need to actively educate employees on the availability and benefits of these courses. Join this session to learn how the Learning and Leadership Development team at JLL made this a priority for 2017. By starting with a strategic approach to selecting courses, to branding and actively marketing the program as Ambition Builders, JLL was able to increase the number of individual users as well as the number of courses being accessed. The evolution of Ambition Builders will continue in 2018 with the introduction of global leadership capabilities and a new leadership development program for individual contributors.

Linda Leonberger, Senior Manager, Learning and Leadership Development, JLL
Adam Massman, Ph.D., Vice President, Director of Learning & Leadership Development, JLL
DXC and CodeX, Innovating the Way Developers Develop

Skillsoft CodeX is a Virtual Coding Practice Labs product released in 2017 that enables developers to practice new programming skills and safely deploy code in a secure, live environment. An innovator in both technology and learning, DXC partnered with Skillsoft to design and deliver a structured IT program with the CodeX labs as a key experiential component. The goal was to provide foundational knowledge coupled with its application in a safe environment to train their employees and create a pipeline to bid for Python-based projects.

At this session you will:

  • Learn more about the Skillsoft CodeX Virtual Practice Labs – and what's next
  • Hear from DXC Technology on how they leveraged the CodeX labs in a blended program
  • Obtain best practices on how you can incorporate the CodeX labs to meet the IT needs of your organization

Deepak Kumar Arora, Learning Development and Delivery Lead, DXC Technology
Rajesh Kumar Gollapalli, Skillsoft Program Manager, Skillsoft
Jim Zimmermann, Solution Practice Senior Manager and Solution Principal, IT and Digital Skills, Skillsoft
"Reviving L&D with a Team of Two" – Learn how CO-OP's team of two partnered with Skillsoft to bring its L&D program back to life

Building a Learning & Development culture in your organization shouldn't take an army of L&D professionals to make it come to life. Learn how CO-OP partnered with Skillsoft to transform a non-existent Learning & Development program to one that is embraced at all levels of the organization and is having real impact on individual performance, the bottom line, and the culture.

Dave Ragan, Manager of Talent Management, CO-OP Financial Services
Here's What Happens When You Build a Digital Learning Marketplace

To be competitive in the current business ecosystem, companies need to provide anytime, anywhere learning to their people. Come hear how PwC created an engaging digital learning marketplace aligned with firm strategy, and the needs of our learners.

Candy Haynes, Managing Director - Learning & Development Studio Leader, PwC
Alyssa Levi, US Content Curation Leader, PwC
Adam Pannone, US Content Curation and Leadership Development, PwC
Building a Role-Based and Capability-Based Learning Strategy

Given the challenging task of developing technology skills and staying relevant, this session will present the building blocks of one learning design approach when upskilling an organization.

Saila Incollingo, Director, Technology Learning & Development, Johnson & Johnson
Art of the Possible: How Convergys is Reimagining a Point-Based Attendance Policy

Attendance policy tracking and enforcement can influence positive behavior and bring much reward. Conversely, policies that are inflexible can be perceived as too punitive and lead to undesired outcomes. Learn how Convergys is teaming with SumTotal to pilot Occurrence Tracking to track accumulated minutes as the point basis to achieve positive results.

In this session, participants will learn:

  • How a point-based system can spur efficiency and inspire employees
  • How to administer attendance points proportionally
  • How to maximum performance by customizing SumTotal Workforce Management beyond extensive product capabilities

Tom Jakubowski, Senior Consultant Applications & Technology Solutions, Convergys
Growth Edition Breakout Session

Breakout description forthcoming.

Mike Van Doren, Director, SMB Solution Architects, SumTotal
10:10 a.m. 10:40 a.m. Break in Partner and Product Expo
10:40 a.m. 11:25 a.m. Breakout Sessions
Gaining a Clearer Perspective on Content Success, Winning with Curation and Personalization

In 1996 Bill Gates wrote an essay stating that “Content is King” and promoted the importance of creating content. At that time the internet had 100,000 websites, today there are over 162 million websites. While content still reigns supreme, we now have an interesting to manage so much content. In a world swimming in information, how do we wade through it all to find just what we need to address our specific needs, right now? Please join us to learn some strategies for how to manage your content and create solutions to help your learners access the content they need to achieve success.

Todd Smith, Training & Development Manager, NA,Carrington Mortgage Holdings
Tim Wing, Training & Development Analyst, Carrington Mortgage Holdings
Acquisitions and mergers

Acquisitions and mergers can present significant challenges for any organization – whether yours is the company doing the acquiring, or the one being acquired. During times of intense organizational transition and integration, the talent management function can be a source of continuity, stability, and skill development. This session focuses on the roles that the talent management function can play before, during, and after integration to create value for the organization, and support successful execution across organizational boundaries. We'll discuss ways that the learning function can prepare the organization for change, opportunities to enhance talent management best practices, and development of the talent function as a source of sustainable strategic impact.

Scott Farley, Global Director, Learning & Development, Komatsu Mining Corporation
Scalable, Curated Leadership Development

Long-time Skillsoft customers recognize the value of custom program curation that targets specialized audiences and needs.

Raytheon and Skillsoft partnered to create a custom-curated program that provides leadership development mapped to Raytheon leadership competencies, addressing a range of leadership levels and leader's scarce commodities of time and attention.

During this session, attendees will learn:

  • The challenges and opportunities for curating resources that address different leadership levels and attention spans
  • How to scale learning offerings to address time challenges for learners
  • How to use a phased implementation approach to leverage ongoing curation and keep content evergreen
  • Successful strategies for creating a curation partnership

Kimberly Banks, Director of Career and Leadership Development, Raytheon
John Gifaldi, Consultant, Solution Services, Skillsoft
Airports Digital Learning

Gain insight as to how Air Canada realized cost savings by rethinking frontline employee training delivery via the introduction of digital learning in the Airports world. Step into the fascinating space of Air Canada Corporate Customer Service Training and learn first-hand how this project was executed from vision to implementation. We’ll delve into the learning strategy employed, the technology used, the challenges faced as well as the success that has become Airports Digital Learning!

Brett Payne, General Manager Learning Infomatics, Air Canada
Encourage, Empower, Enable, Engage in Real Time: A mobile approach to performance feedback and learning

The future of feedback is here, and it is changing the way we work and learn. Today's workforce feels the constant need for more feedback that allows them to learn and improve at work and progress in their career. Rolling out a continuous performance management program allows companies to give employees what they want: real time feedback in context of their work. This session will showcase a fully mobile performance feedback and learning process that Praxair has developed to enable continuous feedback and learning that has become a part of an employee and manager's daily lives.

You will learn:

  • How to design a continuous feedback performance management program
  • How to embed learning into a continuous feedback program
  • A live demo of the feedback mobile app and how it interacts with the Skillsoft Learning App

Melissa Mejia-Polanco, Global Talent Development Leader, Praxair, Inc.
Jose Luis Suarez, HR Director, Global Organizational Learning and Development, Praxair, Inc.
Broken: Why Your Soft Skills Training Efforts Do Not Work

Bring back to your organization a better understanding of brain science, soft skills, and the future of learning by attending this talk. This talk briefly reviews the brain science of learning, why traditional corporate learning approaches do not work, and how the future of learning will help solve these issues.

First, we will start with a quick tour of brain science to discover the multiple distinct learning systems that have evolved in the brain to learn different materials. The cognitive skills learning system in the brain recruits the prefrontal cortex, relies heavily on working memory and attention, and optimally mediates hard skill learning. The behavioral skills learning system in the brain recruits the basal ganglia, relies heavily on incremental, dopamine-mediated feedback, and optimally mediates people (or soft) skills learning. As a result, one-size-fits-all training is sub-optimal because there are distinct systems in the brain that are each tuned for a particular type of learning, and because individual differences require that training be personalized.

Next, you will learn about the effectiveness of traditional corporate learning approaches with respect to hard and people skills learning. We are going to explore why hard skill training is generally effective because it has been built to support the prefrontal cortex. And then you are going to learn why the people skills training in your organization is broken because it is not built to engage the behavioral skills learning system.

Finally, you will learn about key issues that are building the future of corporate training. Together, we will consider the potential of emerging technologies, such as virtual and augmented reality, for optimizing hard and people skill training from a brain science perspective. We will also discuss the emergence of gamification, incentive motivation, and microlearning trends that will allow your organization to create more targeted and individualized training experiences for hard skills and people skills training.

Todd Maddox, Ph.D., Contributing Analyst, Amalgam Insights
Percipio: Transitioning Your Organization from Skillport to Percipio

Begin to plan how your organization can transition to Percipio.

What to expect during the transition and how to minimize change management.

Provide feedback on the support you might need to make this transition as easy as possible for your organization.

Potoula Chresomales, Senior Vice President, Product Management, Skillsoft
Scott Oliver, Senior Manager, Product Management, Skillsoft
Optimizing Productivity in Today's Workforce

Employees in today's workplace are being asked to do more with less. Simply put, everyone needs to work faster, smarter and leaner. There is a premium on maximizing everyone's productivity and providing continuous opportunities for professional improvement on behalf of the business. This session covers the key areas to focus on in order to help drive collective organizational productivity and professional improvement. Key areas of improvement will be discussed, with a special focus on improving project management capability. This session will also discuss how Skillsoft's re-designed and comprehensive Business Skills content portfolio can efficiently and effectively put the workforce on an accelerated path towards productivity and professional improvement so that the business can achieve its goals and objectives.

Heide Abelli, Senior Vice President, Content Product Management, Skillsoft
Professional Development in a Disruptive, Fast-Paced Environment – Easy, Right?

Picture this. You and your Learning & Development team support more than 8,000 professional employees across the globe who are constantly online or on the phone. Most are working around the clock to meet their deliverables and deadlines, continuously moving from one project to the next or juggling several projects at once. Most are likely to be on multiple devices at one time. All are hungry for the next career advancement opportunity, and ALL are screaming for professional development. You're thrilled! Not only have you developed a library of courses in house, you've also purchased licenses to a robust suite of business skills courses and desktop application video tutorial library by Skillsoft. All these internal and licensed professional development resources are available to all 8,000+ employees on your company LMS. Programs and resources provided…Check! You think you're done, only… you quickly discover that the resources aren't being fully used. Employees are still clamoring for development resources and seem to have no idea that they have access to an amazing library of more than 1,000+ business skills courses and more than 3,500 videos on desktop applications such as Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint. They can't seem to find courses or programs they need, at the right time, and they do not know how to leverage these professional development resources, such as the certification prep programs for project management, human resources, business and Six Sigma to achieve their annual goals and career aspirations. Not only that, you also discover, that managers aren't sure how to align and leverage these resources during quarterly performance review check-ins with their employees. Your investment utilization is very low and at risk of being ultimately wasted. Does this sound familiar? If so, join me and learn how we made professional development "Easy" in our disruptive, fast-paced environment.

Natalie Gooch, Director, Learning & Development, TTEC
Rhonda Roth, Executive Director, Global Leadership Development, TTEC
Developing Your IT Associates…and Hitting the Kirkpatrick Measurements!

Learn how Humana has supported the development of 21st century skills in their IT and business associates by creating an internal degree program. The program is called the Humana Technologist Degree, covers 14 subjects of study, and requires over 80 hours of work to complete. It is entering its third year, and has over 50 graduates. Thanks to Skillsoft we have metrics beyond number of students and graduates, which include how the program has impacted the students' careers (including job advancement) and how they have applied what they've learned to their day-to-day jobs. We will cover the development of the program from identifying the need, creating the structure, implementing a pilot, and finally going live. Integral to the success of the program has been the content and services from Skillsoft. We will discuss how being able to integrate Skillsoft content within our LMS, Cornerstone, led to improved ease of use for our learners and share how our Skillsoft client success rep helped us create a method to capture Level 3 and Level 4 learning measurements. We will also share the challenges we have faced with having blended learning from a variety of sources, as well as managing those same learning measurements being gathered. Finally, we will share a wireframe for the program as well as a guide for creating your own.

Theresa Butler, Learning Tech Consultant, Humana
Megan Bertucci, Learning Consultant, Humana
A Framework that Works: Moneris' Evolution of Leadership Development

Since 2015, Moneris has made tremendous strides in their commitment to deliver on a key strategic imperative: developing leaders.


In partnership with Skillsoft, Moneris has deftly integrated the 'education, experience and exposure' methodology through formal training, social collaboration, and application of learning that's true-to-life given the leadership situations learners will encounter.

The result is a cutting edge Leadership Development Framework (LDF), a 9-month foundational leadership development journey. The LDF is a crucial lever in Moneris' learning strategy and in achieving a benefit to cost ratio of 21:1 in 2017.

Join Moneris in this session as they share from the richness of their experience – from ideation to implementation – of their Leadership Development Framework. You'll explore the methodologies they applied, the best practices they refined, and the improvement opportunities they encountered in striving to optimally engage, inspire, and challenge the modern learner.

Mary Kalkanis, Director, Learning & Leadership Development, Moneris
Reinforcing a Positive Compliance Culture Through Workforce Management

Corporate culture has direct impact on an organization's wellbeing from the top down—and it impacts everything in its path from brand reputation and employee engagement to the bottom line. Organizations who prioritize compliance to adhering to labor laws, workplace standards, and safety regulations set the tone to increase positivity in the workplace, keep employees engaged, and preserve their brands' reputation.

In this session, participants will learn how to:

  • Align their organization's culture to a compliance strategy.
  • Enforce training and certifications in SumTotal Workforce Management.
  • Prevent noncompliance and resulting lawsuits.

Norman Ford, Vice President, Operations, Skillsoft Compliance Solutions
Warren Gouws, Director, Solution Architects, SumTotal
11:35 a.m. 12:20 p.m. Breakout Sessions
U.S. Bank - The Journey to Centralizing Enterprise Learning

U.S. Bank has a strong history of developing their employees and their employees seeking development opportunities. U.S. Bank employees spend 1/3 of their training time in regulatory and/or compliance training. Working with Skillsoft, U.S. Bank has been successful at implementing professional development eLearning through a de-centralized model with multiple LMSs and is now moving towards a centralized model with one LMS. Jen will be discussing the U.S. Bank journey historically, where they are now, and their future & next steps along with the challenges and approaches they have been taking to create a successful program.

Jen Zabala, Manager, Learning Experience Design, U.S. Bank
Integrating your LMS into Critical Business Process

Helping your organization solve their business problems. How the UW Medicine Learning Management team helped UW Medicine address a national healthcare problem. This program is an example of how training teams and an LMS can become essential components of business initiatives that extend well beyond training. Knowing your organization's business environment and challenges creates opportunities for training teams to take the lead in solving business problems.

Key takeaways from this will be:

  • How to shift from providing training solutions to providing business solutions
  • Focus on business process integration
  • Find what is important to your business

David Dittmar, Assistant Director, Learning Management, UW Medicine
Thom Wunder, Learning Technologist, UW Medicine
Showcasing a Highly Successful Facilitated Leadership Advantage Program

Skillsoft helped Vesta Partners to overcome the challenge of training a global team of consultants by providing an online, facilitated Leadership Advantage solution across several geographies. Our program manager curated content that was relevant and managed the pace for the program to best suit the consultants. This approach helped to improve key competencies such as negotiation, Influencing & Persuasion, etc.

Mark O'Donnell, Global Vice President, Operational Capability, Vesta Partners
St. Luke's Journey to the Cloud and Connecting Learning with People Performance

St. Luke's Health System has been an on premise Sum Total customer since 2007, starting with 6k employees. In 2017, we made the decision to move to the cloud and expand our purview to include Talent and Onboarding in addition to Learning; supporting almost 19k users now.

Join me as we recount the tale of our transition and expansion; the highs, the lows, the celebrations.

Cathi Leon, HR Analyst 3, St. Luke's Health System
Reaching Your Audience Quickly and Effectively

Your employees/users want what your team has to offer, but can they find it quickly? Creating an internal or external, password-protected website, that visually lays out your content, courses, newsletters, articles and resources is a time-saver when assigning training and making announcements. Structuring your content into an intuitive consumer-friendly like website while implementing a structured email newsletter, can ensure your employees/users promptly get what they need, and then… get back to work.

During this session, attendees will learn about:

  • The advantages of creating their own training website to answer 90% of employee/user training questions
  • The different layouts and pages users have found helpful when searching for information
  • How Skillport's "deep links" strengthen employee/user engagement while making it easier to promote featured, new and required courses
  • Reoccurring, formatted newsletters and how they can reach all employees, influence more decisions and appeal to every user, on a regular basis

Ryan Noell, EDGEucation Production Manager, POOLCORP
Driving Business Value in the Extended Enterprise

GuideWell will discuss their business critical Medicare Certification Program delivered through SumTotal in 2017 and the financial impact it had on the company. The program is required annually for any agent internally or externally selling Medicare products on behalf of their Florida Blue brand or for anyone speaking with Florida Blue customers regarding Medicare products. It had been deployed previously through an external vendor, an expensive contract that GuideWell retired due to the L&D team’s expertise on the subject matter in combination with the highly regarded new LMS after going live on SumTotal. This was the first time such a certification was brought in-house, and the success in the first year was unprecedented and recognized in the company’s Board meetings in 2017. This strategic move resulted in massive cost savings for the company, a better user experience for this program and higher user satisfaction among agents, closer cross-functional partnership between Sales, Service, and Learning, and plans are in motion to generate revenue off the program in the near future.

In this session, you will learn about:

  • Delivering consumerized learning experiences to external audiences
  • Learning enablement of revenue and customer service functions
  • Turning learning into a profit center

Stephanie Dale, Senior Manager, HR Shared Services, GuideWell
Chris Jimenez, Learning Technologist, GuideWell
Veeamazing Results in 60 Days

We work at Veeam speed. The learning and development challenges of a high growth company like Veeam posed a unique challenge for Talent Management.  In less than 60 days, the Veeam team was able to develop and implement a Skillsoft library in over 35 countries.  With the partnership of a Global Learning Council and its Skillsoft Team, we achieve record adoption rates in the first six months after program launch.

During this session, you will learn how this growing software company leveraged several of their Core Values (Speed, Team, Innovate & Iterate, and Everyone Sells) to get their “Online Learning Library” up and running with strategic branding, corporate messaging, specific learning paths, targeted marketing and most importantly, C-Level and Executive Sponsorship to drive the learning agenda across every functional team.

Cheryl Pienkowski, MS, Director, Talent Management & Organizational Development, Veeam Software
New ideas in SumTotal Dashboards and Advanced Reporting

The power of the SumTotal dashboards is great but under recognized. In many cases, the dashboard serves as a graphical collection of links. However, through the use of some basic web programming, you can engage your users to take charge of their training; making it easier to find courses, launch required training, or participate in broader programs. This session will look at concepts of personalizing the LM experience using SumTotal's Dashboards and Advanced Reporting.


  • Ideas beyond the standard widget-based dashboard
  • Data-based, User-centric dashboards with Advanced Reporting
  • Considerations for dashboard creation

Amy Friend, Manager, Learning Technology and User Experience, Corning, Inc Kevin Hill, Principle Consultant, Corning, Inc
Developing and Implementing a Digital Transformation Program

Moody's IT Talent Development implemented a learning program supporting a major change across the organization – digital transformation. The overall objective of the program is to help develop a common awareness and understanding of digital transformation across Moody's as a whole, allowing learners to be prepared for the future of work. In support of the digital transformation a new program was launched titled "MIT 2.0 Specialist Certification". It is designed in a modular format containing subject concentrations. The objective is to build a modular foundational platform to support further "deep dive" development opportunities aligned with industry certifications and practices. To develop the program, Skillsoft has been instrumental in assisting with the content mapping so that the IT content can be properly targeted to individual job families. The curriculum design included grouping the digital transformation focus areas and the job family concept begins as a dashboard, showcasing key competency areas, and evolving into a content mapping of all available learning resources. Next, the content is curated into targeted learning paths. Content from Skillsoft's IT courseware, IT Pro, and IT video collections are aligned and linked to directly as part of the program. The program requires the investment of approximately 40 hours from learners. These hours are spent in blended format depending on that specific learners learning style. At Moody's the certificate program are offered through eLearning, classroom training, and self-study through reading and reviewing materials. Each module contains knowledge checks to ensure that the learners are meeting the requirements and are prepared to become agents of change throughout Moody's digital transformation. At the end, graduation earns being issues the MIT 2.0 Specialist Certification and is the pathway to "deeper dive" specialism programs.

Clive Swift, Vice President, Moody's
A Reality Check: Building the Habit of Professional Development

It'd be nice to think if we build a learning program, the learners will come and join. As we all know, that is truly a Field in a Dream and not a Field in Reality. Promoting AND achieving adoption is hard. We all know the struggle: your company purchased all this amazing content in response to the cry from employees and management who are hungry for professional development. So why isn't everyone clamoring to access the Skillsoft assets that you have secured for them? Well, the first answer is lack of time. No one thinks they have the time to invest in themselves. The second answer is too often managers don't see how investing their or their departments' time in professional development today will help meet the business needs of their organization tomorrow, or even later that very day. The third answer is too often we continue to tackle the misconception that eLearning is boring and lonely. But fear not! Skillsoft has a tool they provide, at no additional cost, to help you build a customized blended learning program that is re-usable across all lines of business in your organization. The tool is the Habit Calendar and it can help you respond successfully to all three "why" reasons, skyrocket your usage, and promote user adoption. During this session, Dany will share how the Red Cross – and you can too! – design a Habit Calendar and market it as just 15 minutes a day for four days a week with live facilitated virtual calls on Fridays. Our Habit Calendar blended program reached employees in 9 different time zones boosting our usage to 50 times more than what it was in the months prior to the learning program.

In this session you will learn:

  • How to overcome a learner's busy schedule to devote time to self-development
  • How to turn an e-learning program into a blended learning program to promote learner engagement and collaboration across business silos
  • How to make a learning program, like the Habit Calendar, reusable so it's not one and done

Dany Hollingsworth, Senior e-Learning Programs Consultant, American Red Cross
Workforce Management Latest Release Update & Roadmap

Join product leaders and your peers for an interactive session that highlights the most popular release features and discover the latest enhancements. Influence the product roadmap with a sneak peek at the future of SumTotal Workforce Management and discuss your ideas for implementation.

Craig Fearon, Senior Principal, Product Management, SumTotal
12:30 p.m. Boxed Lunch

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