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Award Categories

2016 Innovation Awards

Awards will be given in the following categories:

Talent Development Champion of the Year 
This award honors an organization's HR or L&D champion who has achieved exceptional and consistent success throughout the year. This individual shows remarkable skills in delivering a transformational program in part by leveraging Skillsoft solutions. In addition, this person serves as an ambassador for talent development and has used innovation and ingenuity in their programs to better his/her organization.

Program of the Year 
This award recognizes an organization that has developed and implemented a leading-edge program utilizing Skillsoft solutions with measurable impact on employees and the organization. Outstanding programs have clearly defined challenges that require unique solutions to make the program a success. Award-winning programs are multifaceted; demonstrate business impact, cost savings and feature innovations that infuse a renewed energy across the organization.

Distinction in Workforce Excellence 
This award is given to a program that achieves organizational distinction by creating efficiencies, demonstrating compliance, and streamlining processes using SumTotal workforce management, SumTotal expense or SumTotal payroll products. Nominees present unique uses of the application(s) and an established ROI.

Thinking Big: Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) 
This award acknowledges an organization with fewer than 2,500 employees that has successfully leveraged Skillsoft products to achieve ambitious business goals and empower employees. Nominees in this category demonstrate how they adapt learning, talent or workforce solutions to the fast-paced and evolving landscape of a small and medium size business environment.

Empowering Continuous Talent Development 
This award honors an organization that leverages the SumTotal Talent Expansion Suite to achieve success by effectively embedding development opportunities into employee workflows to support their business needs. By leveraging the combined solution set, nominees empower employees to take charge of their professional development, promote knowledge sharing, drive performance and ensure succession.

Compliance and Ethics Excellence 
This award recognizes an organization that has taken steps to mitigate risks while promoting ethical behavior amongst employees. The organization cultivates an ethical culture within a rich learning environment where training is an integral part of the overall compliance program. Employees are trained to address uncertainty while working together to achieve business objectives.

Creating an Impact 
These awards recognize organizations that develop and implement best-in-class integrated learning or talent programs that demonstrate strong results. Programs feature innovation to overcome challenges and realize success. Five winning customers will be selected for each of the following subject areas:

  1. Higher Education: This award honors a noteworthy college or university client.
  2. Government and Nonprofit: This award recognizes an outstanding government or nonprofit client.
  3. Leadership Development: This award is given to a client that effectively addresses leadership development.
  4. IT and Technical Skills Development: This award honors a client with a comprehensive IT training program.
  5. Extended Enterprise: This award honors a client for a program that extends beyond the traditional walls of the organization, including channel partners, customers, vendors, suppliers or distributors.


Award nominations are now closed.

Nominations for the 2016 Innovation Awards are now closed.

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