May 9 - 12, 2016 | Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas, NV

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2016 Global Skillsoft Perspectives Agenda

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Monday, May 9



1:30 PM - 5:30 PM   Skillsoft Channel Partner Summit at Perspectives (click here for detailed agenda)  
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM   Registration Desk Open  
1:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Full Length Workshops

SumTotal Workshop | SumTotal Learn – Advanced Administrator Training and Tips

Join us to get hands on (hint, hint...bring your laptop!) with the latest release of SumTotal Learn. We'll take a look at change management considerations admins should be familiar with as they consider and head into an upgrade. We'll also walk you through a number of tips and tricks for maximizing your utilization of the SumTotal Learn solution, including:

  • Things you need to consider when upgrading SumTotal Learn
  • Change management considerations
  • How you can maximize the use of SumTotal elixHR® dashboards, and create your own with ease
  • A deep dive of using Security Groups

Sandy McQueen
Consulting Practice Lead
SumTotal, A Skillsoft Company

Sean McCarthy
Director, Product Management
SumTotal, A Skillsoft Company
SumTotal Workshop | SumTotal Maestro Advanced Administrator Tips

This detailed workshop will help you understand how you can fully leverage Maestro and take advantage of advanced administrative tasks above and beyond the basic functionality available in the solution. We will dive into areas such as batch imports, data extracts, and web services. We'll review some of the best practices you can consider when it comes to course and learning plan assignments - covering items such as assignment terms, recurrence patters, linked registration expiration impacts and more.

  • How can I use Maestro to the solution's full potential?
  • How can I automate some of the administrative tasks in Maestro?

Mikka Kjarland
Senior Product Manager
SumTotal, A Skillsoft Company

Hoy Larrabee
Manager, Professional Services
SumTotal, A Skillsoft Company
Skillsoft Workshop | Ignite Your Purpose: Driving Performance at all Levels
Whether you're seeking to gain support from executive stakeholders, increase management involvement, make an impact to learners, reaffirm your talent development mission, or recharge your individual goals: purpose is a foundational element to success. In this workshop we will share tools and resources to:

  • Reexamine your company's goals and how your talent development team is aligning to them to drive organizational performance
  • Partner with management to build talent and learning programs that drive team and individual performance
  • Inspire your talent development colleagues to team with you on collective goals and mission
  • Clearly define your individual purpose and how you can find motivation in the day-to-day activities of your role
Shawn Baglin
Learning Technology
Enablement Manager
Dolby Labs

Ann Cantrell
Customer Success Consultant

Liz Dail
Customer Success Consultant

Brenda Sands
Learning & Development Specialist
1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

Mix-N-Match Workshops

SumTotal Workshop | SumTotal Workforce Management: Ad Hoc Reporting and Using the Ad Hoc Tool

This session details fundamental Workforce Management ad hoc reporting concepts as well as how to perform basic and advanced tasks in order to run and create reports on an as-needed basis for your organization. Get a quick tour of ad hoc reporting plus learn how to leverage the Workforce Management ad hoc tool to gain valuable skills. You will learn how about:

  • Utilizing the security features available in the Workforce Management ad hoc reporting tool (create and access custom report folders and limit access to reporting domains)
  • Creating a simple table report and then save that report for future use
  • Using the advance functions of the ad hoc tool (grouping, summarizing, pivoting and creating custom fields)
  • Leveraging a crosstab report to explore and analyze data
Lori Fields
Implementation Consultant
SumTotal, A Skillsoft Company

Dawn Peters
Implementation Consultant
SumTotal, A Skillsoft Company
SumTotal Workshop | Your Role in Shaping the SumTotal User Experience

The basic principles of a delivering an exceptional, yet simple, user experience is one of the many things users appreciate about the SumTotal elixHR® Platform. During this session, attendees will learn how SumTotal applies the user experience principles to the elixHR® Platform and how they work with customers through user research and testing. Hear how this information is used to inform and guide the decision-making process at SumTotal as they build and deliver market-leading innovation, all with a keen focus on the user experience. During this workshop, attendees will:

  • Have an understanding of the process SumTotal uses to create a user-friendly user experience
  • View an eye tracking demo and observe how the results are used to make user experience decisions
  • Learn how to participate in user research and testing with the SumTotal User Experience team

Who should attend: Existing SumTotal customers interested in understanding how the SumTotal user experience evolves and how you can get involved.

Michael Hayes
User Experience Design Manager
SumTotal, A Skillsoft Company
Skillsoft Workshop | What is a Learning Culture? Why it's Important? How to Implement? How to Assess?

Learning is vital to every organization's sustainability. Learning culture is a collective set of conventions, such as organization values, process and practices that influence and encourage both individuals and the organization to continuously increase knowledge, competence and performance.

Why is it important?

Organizations with strong learning cultures outperform their peers in a number of ways make a difference in the organizations' ability to compete successfully such as:

  • Innovation and the ability to bring new products to market
  • Efficiency and productivity
  • Quality
  • Agility and the ability to anticipate future market needs
  • Ultimately market share and market leadership

Assessing the maturity of learning in your organization:
Skillsoft resources and tools will help you gain an understanding of your organization's learning culture and identify areas where focused efforts can have the most impact.

Kath Greenhough
Manager, Consulting Services
Australia & New Zealand

Amy Reid
Manager, Consulting Services
Skillsoft Workshop | Ideas for Incorporating Social Learning "by design" for Learning Impact

As organizations seek to deliver the most impactful learning prescriptions, conversations related to the right blend/mix of learning assets is top of mind. Today's learner has less time to commit to learning, but yet has more dynamic learning needs - some of which are unknown due to today's ever-changing business climate. Empowering learners with access to the right learning resources - including access to peers and individuals within the organization who possess expertise and practical experience is key to a self-developing organization.

How does L&D today respond to these requirements and create or influence social learning opportunities? Come and learn about how two of Skillsoft's esteemed customers solved for this in creative and engaging ways.

This 90 minute session will help you recognize the value in incorporating social learning opportunities into your program, and will provide you with a number of tested and effective strategies that you can readily implement. It will draw on the 70/20/10 model, with a clear emphasis on how the 20 percent of social learning can positively impact both individual and face-to-face learning.

Karen Albi
Assistant Vice President
Management and Leadership Development
CIT Group

Theresa Butler
Learning Tech Consultant

Rheanna McFarland
Learning Project Manager

Jessica Philpott
Customer Success Consultant

Kristin Shackelford
Program Manager
3:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Mix-N-Match Workshops

SumTotal Workshop | SumTotal Workforce Management: Accrual Calculator Rules Configuration for the Application Administrator

Tracking available time off and calculating earnings, carryover balances and accrual payouts for employees is accomplished through the Accrual Calculator. Workforce Management makes it easy to set limits based upon a number of parameters to determine "who gets what." It also provides an easy way for employees to see what they have available in their "buckets".

This workshop will provide you with Accrual Calculator rules configuration knowledge and best practices. You will learn how to configure:

  • Rate schedules and policies to apply accrual earnings based on length of service, frequency, and many other inputs
  • Accrual sequences to create links and priority between multiple accrual buckets
  • ear-end accrual policies using the carryover functionality

Plus, you will learn to accommodate new state regulations around the granting of sick leave for part-time employees as well as a demonstration of the reporting options that are available to employees and supervisors.

Lori Fields
Implementation Consultant
SumTotal, A Skillsoft Company

Dawn Peters
Implementation Consultant
SumTotal, A Skillsoft Company
Skillsoft Workshop | Skillport Reporting (hands on lab)

This workshop is designed to enhance your understanding of Skillport Reporting. Don't forget your laptop so that you can follow along in Skillport and run your own reports seeing for yourself how robust yet simple Skillport reporting can be. In this workshop, you'll learn:

  • Key terminology and concepts to help you get started with Skillport Reporting
  • How to use the built-in report templates that ship with Skillport to create your own personal templates
  • Step-by-step directions for using filters to customize report templates to meet your needs
  • How to apply best practices to ensure that you get the most from your Skillport reports
  • How to export reports in different formats and set up report schedules
Gary Hartman
Partner Alliances Manager

Johnna Wallace
Senior Learning Program Architect
SumTotal Workshop | Best Practices and Tips for Leveraging SumTotal Advanced Reporting

Evaluating and driving performance within your enterprise means being able to measure and disseminate information to help improve decision making and ensure compliance. In this informative workshop sessions you will learn basic and advanced techniques to use Advanced Reporting, including:

  • Walk through creating tabular, crosstab, and advanced chart visualizations in the web design interface to help you create operational and strategic reports
  • Advanced report creation techniques, such as creating custom fields that are based on calculations and conditional expressions
  • Create a new data model that can be tailored to your specific business requirements
  • Learn scheduling techniques to generate alerts to line of business managers and help drive internal talent development through performance awareness
  • Understand what resources are available to help you get the most value from the SumTotal reporting tools
Nelly Perumean
Team Leader, Learning
Ryan, LLC

Brandon Smith-Daigle
Director, Product Management
SumTotal, A Skillsoft Company
Skillsoft Workshop | Measuring Efficiency, Effectiveness and Outcomes of your Programs

Measuring the number of participants and their reactions to a learning program do not tell you if a program is successfully changing the performance of your organization. Talent development Leaders must also be able to articulate the effectiveness and business outcomes of their programs -- but it doesn't have to be a complex and resource-intensive project to do so. In this workshop, participants will learn:

  • Why it is so critical to move beyond efficiency data
  • How to collect effectiveness data, particularly the leading indicator of success: Application Rate
  • How to collect outcomes data (Skillsoft's Value Impact Analysis)
  • How efficiencies, effectiveness and outcomes data come together to tell a complete story of value that will enable learning leaders to influence smarter, faster and better business decisions
Sarah Bosin
Senior Customer Success Consultant

Brian Dall
Senior Global Training Manager
Diamond Resorts International

Kelly Harper
Director Brand Customer Learning
BMO Financial Group

Leslie Positeri
Senior Training and Development Specialist
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Kristin Thomas
Customer Success Consultant
Skillsoft SumTotal Workshop | Continuous Learning Journey

This session is an extension of the Continuous Learning Journey workshop that was presented at 2015 Global Skillsoft Perspectives. Attendees will have an opportunity to engage in an active discussion, exercises, and develop an approach for continuous learning for one of their own programs. Throughout their journey, Capgemini has learned that "events" have their place in enterprise learning, but the preliminary and follow-on activities ensure learning takes place, is readily available at the learner's point of need, and is applied on the job. This session will focus on those pre, during, and post event activities that augment the learning event at certain milestones along the continuous learning journey. During the session, you will:

  • Learn how Capgemini has defined Continuous Learning
  • Discover how Capgemini qualified and developed the pre, during, and post learning activities embedded into their learning journey
  • Review 2 or 3 Capgemini programs that include:
    • Content (both proprietary and Skillsoft)
    • Pre/during/post learning interventions
    • Learning anywhere and anytime
  • Share strategies and tangible ideas for embedding learning within your organization!
Debbie Collins
University Information Systems Director
Capgemini University

Mindi Forth
Curriculum Director & Learning Product Manager
Capgemini University

Vanessa Gooderham
Senior Customer Success Consultant

Cindy Miller
Senior Learning Program Architect
Skillsoft SumTotal Workshop | Higher Education, State and Local Government Workshop

Join us for our annual "Bean Bag" discussions in a relaxed environment while sharing challenges, best practices, and meeting your colleagues from across the country.

Jeff Atkins
Vice President - Education, State & Local Government
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM   Welcome Reception 

Tuesday, May 10




7:00 AM - 5:00 PM   Registration and Information Desks Open
7:15 AM - 8:15 AM   Networking Breakfast
8:30 AM - 8:35 AM   2016 Global Skillsoft Perspectives General Sessions Perspectives MC: Kieran King
Vice President, Global Customer Insight
8:35 AM - 9:00 AM   Skillsoft Welcome Bill Donoghue
President and Chief Executive Officer
9:00 AM - 10:00 AM   Keynote | The Incredible Benefits of a Get Better Mindset

In this talk, Dr. Grant Halvorson describes the mindsets individuals and organizations bring to the goals they pursue, and explains why we should avoid a "Be Good" mindset — one where we are constantly attempting to prove ourselves and outperform others. Instead, we should embrace a "Get Better" mindset — where we always perceive ourselves as having more to learn. When we embrace a Get Better mindset, we welcome risk and are less afraid of failure, both keys to personal and professional success. You'll learn:

  • How to identify your own – and your organization's - mindset
  • How mindsets influence persistence, creativity, engagement, and performance.
  • Strategies for changing your own mindset
  • Strategies for creating a Get Better mindset culture, on your team or in your organization
Heidi Grant Halvorson
Social Psychologist
10:00 AM - 10:15 AM   Innovation Awards Part 1
10:15 AM - 10:45 AM   Networking Break in Augustus Foyer
10:45 AM - 11:15 AM   Leading the Industry with Innovation

Join Skillsoft Chief Technology Officer Humair Ghauri for highlights of the industry-leading solutions Skillsoft and SumTotal delivered in the past year to support our vision of making it increasingly simple for organizations to engage, equip and empower employees to drive performance. Get an exclusive sneak peek into how we are evolving our solutions and will continue to deliver innovation that ensures your people have the modern tools they need to meet the changing demands of business and optimize the capabilities of your workforce.

Humair Ghauri
Chief Technology Officer
11:15 AM - 11:30 AM   Driving Business Agility with Compliance

During this session we will explore Skillsoft's Compliance Business and showcase how we are driving innovation and agility for organizations with our leadership position. We will cover our plans for 2016 and talk about the major points of differentiation in our Compliance Solutions. Eugene will close with our Compliance Maturity Model, which enables organizations to take compliance from a tick box to a major strategic differentiation.

Eugene Van Biert
Vice President and General Manager
Compliance Solutions
11:30 AM - 12:00 PM   Talent Sharing: Enhancing Supply Chain Leadership to Save Lives

There is no doubt that international companies are among the most generous when it comes to giving money, goods, and services to charitable organizations; in 2013 alone global donations exceeded $69 billion dollars. But Kevin Etter wonders: is that the only way that companies can help non-profits? Or might there be something more valuable than money that businesses could share? A seasoned logistics executive, Kevin Etter has spent 33 years in positions at UPS that range from healthcare strategy to industrial engineering. These years of varied expertise are now on loan to GAVI, a non-profit that increases global access to vaccines, where Etter has been a temporary executive since September 2014. Through this temporary displacement he has felt first-hand the unexpected benefits that come when companies donate what he believes are their most valuable assets: their employees.

Kevin Etter
Director, Humanitarian Relief and Resilience Program
United Parcel Service (UPS)
12:00 PM - 1:15 PM   Networking Lunch in Product-Customer Showcase
1:15 PM - 2:15 PM   Breakout Sessions 1
SumTotal Introduction to Cyborg Scripting Language (CSL) | Learn the Payroll application ‘business language' to meet organization-specific needs

Have you ever considered the power of extending the business functionality provided by the Payroll application? The Cyborg Scripting Language (CSL) is used to control essentially all business functions of the online system and HRMS batch reporting. CSL is used for form layout, business logic, relational editing, benefit calculations and rounding rules as well as for the 380+ HRMS reports delivered with the application.

By learning the basics of the language, you will be able to better assess the impact of changes to CSL delivered in Service Packs, Program Temporary fixes (PTFs) and in some cases Regulatory Bulletins. Knowing the language will also help you ‘look under the covers' to see what might cause certain behaviors (like user messages) in the system. It will allow you to modify certain behaviors to meet your unique organizational needs.

Join us for this informative, practical session that will help you understand the basics of CSL.

This session would be applicable for technical and development staff who are responsible for maintaining and developing with payroll application.
Philippe Hurtubise
Senior Technical Support Engineer
SumTotal, A Skillsoft Company
Skillsoft Creating an Adoption Groundswell through Grassroots Marketing and Targeted Alignment

In October 2014, the Red Cross launched its Learning Hub (Skillport, the "Hub") and elearning library of Skillsoft courses, video and books. They used the Learning Growth Model to help communicate their implementation strategy with the CHRO and business partners. Although they started from scratch, they achieved an adoption level of 60% in Year 1. Their healthy adoption story doesn't mean the organization openly embraced elearning; it didn't. They struggled with resistance from leadership and how to increase employee awareness. They had to explore how they might build alignment and adoption to support business needs. The journey became their mission – create an elearning groundswell that was unstoppable!

During this session attendees will learn:

  • How American Red Cross used their strengths in mobilization to create a groundswell of adoption
  • "Show and tell" is key to adoption: Gushing with pride is more than acceptable and embracing every opportunity to talk about your LMS and elearning resources will get you closer to your goal
  • Creativity reigns: You can do almost anything you need to do for marketing with no money and a lot of elbow grease
  • Power of the water cooler: Never underestimate the power of peers and water cooler conversations, grassroots efforts in the field are mission critical and will get you almost anywhere you want to go

Who should attend: Those who are implementing elearning with limited resources or for the first time.

Kristin Morris
Manager, Learning Systems and Processes
American Red Cross
Skillsoft Xerox Moves Learning to Learners

Moving learning closer to the workforce is key to the Xerox strategy to truly integrate learning with work. Xerox is focused on innovation and execution, and enabling global workforce performance for business results. To continue progress for building a culture of learning, and not just the delivery of training, Xerox focuses on the convergence of people, process, and technology. This includes a focus on leveraging performance support video, as well as user-generated content, and deploying resources and not just courses, with mobile access as a ubiquitous capability. Moving learning closer to our people includes building sustainable practices for collaborative learning to extend the reach and impact of workforce knowledge sharing, using formal and informal resources as a foundation. As part of the enterprise learning ecosystem, Xerox leverages strategic integration with Skillsoft content, including referenceware and courseware, Skillsoft technology, including the mobile app for on-demand access to resources, and Skillsoft services for personalization and adoption and change management. Moving learning to learners means embedding resources at point of need, and opening access via any personal device: PC, tablet, and smartphone. Xerox is leveraging emerging technology and standards like the Experience API (xAPI) and a Learning Record Store to track and manage new types of learning experiences integrated with work, alongside established learning practices via LMS and LCMS. Xerox is moving learning outside the LMS, even beyond highly personalized learning portals -- moving learning to where our people work, live, and play.

During this session, Xeriox will share:

  • A global, enterprise learning perspective, with specific examples of Xerox innovation
  • How Xerox is integrating learning with work to empower our people to take responsibility for their learning and development
  • Examples of learning practices that leverage Skillsoft as fuel to accelerate a culture of learning and drive workforce high performance

Who should attend: Those interested in fostering a culture of lifelong learning in their organization, learning thought leaders, innovators, HR and human capital development professionsals.

Steven Rath Morgan
Director, Learning Innovation, Process, Effectiveness
Skillsoft Cultural Revolution: Driving Culture Change through Performance Management and Leadership Development

Over the past 36 months, Lear has been through a corporate "cultural revolution" in a transformation from bankruptcy to a leading Fortune 200 company. Three initiatives supported by Lear's Senior Executive team and Board of Directors have been the key drivers to this transformation: 1) Introduction of a Leadership Model, 2) Redesign of the performance management process and 3) Introduction of leadership development resources from Skillsoft. Lear partnered closely with Skillsoft to reimagine their culture and collaboration throughout the organization to drive this "revolution."

During this session attendees will learn:

  • How Lear uses their performance management process to drive cultural change
  • How Lear developed their Leadership Model and how it is used to drive cultural change
  • How the Skillsoft resources have been used to support leadership development and the performance management process

Who should attend: Those responsible to drive a leadership program, those who influence performance management and cultural changes, those responsible for providing resources and targeting learnings.

Noelle Gill
Vice President
Global Leadership Development
Lear Corporation

Marian Mahoney
Director, Global Learning Systems
Lear Corporation
Skillsoft SumTotal University of California Leverages Talent Management Practices and Systems in Partnership with Ethics and Compliance to Deliver Adaptable Online Programs

The subject of sexual violence and sexual assault on college and university campuses is a matter of national importance. The University of California's President issued a call for action and called for the UC to be the national leader in prevention and response to sexual violence and sexual assault. A "President's Task Force on Preventing and Responding to Sexual Violence and Sexual Assault." was formed as a result with initiatives for Education & Training to help prevent sexual violence, all members of the UC community — students, staff, faculty and other academic appointees — are required to receive sexual violence prevention and intervention training and education regularly.

UC's systemwide curriculum, tailored to each audience, educates the UC community about sexual violence, how to prevent it, the role of intervention and what local resources are available.

Hear how the University of California implemented modern Talent Management technology and best practices that enabled them to build an adaptable plan that can respond to emerging issues and trends.

During this session attendees will learn:

  • Learn how your organization can connect Talent Management and Compliance practices to engage a workforce that adapts to emerging issues and trends
  • Gather insight around scaling your current compliance approach to meet growing needs
  • Take the first steps towards mapping out a strategy for effectively addressing your workforce compliance needs through Talent Management tools, content and practices

Who should attend: Those who want to know how talent management practices enable adaptable compliance programs and ease burden and risk

Donna Salvo
Executive Director, Systemwide Talent Management and Staff Development
University of California
SumTotal The Power of Persuasion: Making your LMS your Professional Search Engine and Watch Colleagues beg for More

How many times a day do you go to Google to search for something? Make your LMS your professional search engine at work, find what you need when you need it! Guess what?! that's now available, it's your LMS! Within 18 months, Abbott went from 15 various LMS environments to one instance of SumTotal Learn at Abbott. It started with one individual understanding the full capabilities of SumTotal Learn and sharing with others in various regions how this tool could be a benefit to them as well. During this time, various division leaders approached the global elearning manager about SumTotal Learn as others in the organization began to explore and migrate to the platform rather than sending out new RFPs for other LMS platforms.

During this session attendees will learn:

  • How to migrate to one LMS across the globe; it's only possible with robustness, flexible administration, multi-lingual, and any device solution
  • How to convincing colleagues works better than dictating to get bottom up attraction
  • Why speed is key, both on the LMS implementation and content creation

Who should attend: Those who would like to learn how to be the champion of a platform migration and convince others to move forward to a centralized environment and those who are interested in learning more about SumTotal Learn search capabilities.

Clement Maziol
Global E-Learning Manager
Skillsoft SumTotal American Cancer Society's Journey to Becoming a Self-Developing Organization

Today's market is driven by the growing trends of the millennial movement and generational gaps. As the millennial generation grows to take over the majority of the job market employers are faced with challenges to meet them where they are and yet still provide opportunities to meet the other generations cohabitating with the millennials. A Self-Developing Organizations strives to encourage the end user to be in control of their own development which in turn makes the organization self-develop as well. American Cancer Society has experienced this shift in the market and have taken on the journey to provide learners with the content and technology needed to drive their own learning experience, reduce their skills gaps and enhance their performance.

During this session attendees will explore:

  • The steps American Cancer Society is taking to adopt the Self-Developing Organization methodology
  • How other organizations can do the same and some lessons learned
  • The results that American Cancer Society has seen since the launch of the Self-Developing Organization

Who should attend: Anyone interested in learning more about a Self-Developing Organization.

Kate Brownsey
Learning Consultant, Enterprise Support
American Cancer Society

Angela Rose
Director, Talent Process and Systems
American Cancer Society
SumTotal SumTotal Talent: Understanding What's New and a Look at the Product Roadmap

As your workforce evolves, your Talent Management solutions need to evolve with it. We are innovating to deliver solutions that give your people the modern tools they need to create a self-directed path for development and career growth. Join this session to see how SumTotal Talent solutions are meeting these demands, how we have transformed the feedback and development process and how we are innovating in upcoming releases to support mobile and social engagement. Join this session to:

  • Understand the scope of the Winter 2016 release
  • Learn how to efficiently manage development planning and continuous feedback
  • Effectively managing Successors and Succession Pools
  • Managing changes during the Compensation Planning Process
  • Get a preview into the SumTotal Talent product roadmap

Don Stoddard
Senior Director, Product Management
SumTotal, A Skillsoft Company

Skillsoft Skillport Today and Tomorrow – Providing a Beautiful Experience for Content Delivery

Since 1998, Skillsoft has lead the way with innovative experiences for eLearning content. Today over 4800 organizations use Skillport to help employees develop skills with Skillsoft content. Join us in this session to learn more about upcoming changes to Skillport and the future of Skillsoft content delivery.

Stephanie Pyle
Vice President, Product Management

Sue Rodeman
Vice President, Product Marketing
SumTotal SumTotal: Working Effectively with SumTotal Support (customer panel)

Do you know all of the programs and resources available to SumTotal Customers via the SumTotal Customer Support organization? The team members in the support organization hold some of the deepest product knowledge available, they’re active participants on the SumTotal Connect community, and run terrific programs like ‘Ask the Experts’. Join a panel of SumTotal customers and the SumTotal Vice President of Customer Support, to get tips on how you can fully leverage the wealth of resources available to customers. Hear directly from SumTotal customers regarding how they get the most value from their partnership with SumTotal Support.

Mohammed Ajouz

Vice President
Customer Support
SumTotal, A Skillsoft Company

Keith Dudding

Learning Site Adminsitrator
Edward Jones

Varsha Gumastha
Global Learning Management App Manager
RELX Group

Jason Maxwell
Director, Learning and Development
American Airlines
2:30 PM - 3:30 PM Breakout Sessions 2
SumTotal Using Garnishments and Payroll HED Accumulations | Learn About the ‘Heart' of any Payroll System – the Earnings and Deductions – and how you can Optimize the Vast Amount of Options and Switches
Optimize your payroll solution to manage garnishments in the most effective ways. This session will provide important information to help you understand:
  • Federal and State mandated processing priority orders
  • Deduction types required by state laws and regulations
  • Priorities among garnishment types and prioritization of multiple garnishment orders
  • How the system stores protection rules for garnishment types
  • New company-level and employee-level garnishment forms

This session is applicable for Payroll users and administrators responsible for configuring and using Garnishments and Hours, Earnings and Deductions (HED) accumulators.

Georgia Papagiannis
Lead Techincal Support Engineer
SumTotal, A Skillsoft Company
Skillsoft #igotskills: Challenging the Status Quo in IT Learning

This humorous, yet powerful session will take you on a journey of how we challenged the status quo of IT development at Johnson & Johnson. By taking some risks, questioning some assumptions and collaborating with our Skillsoft team Johnson & Johnson completely changed the way they deliver, reinforce, apply and measure learning within the IT organization. Their goal was simply to increase the engagement of their IT organization and increase adoption. To do this they began the #igotskills campaign, collaborating with the Skillsoft team, they developed a detailed project plan that aligned with the Johnson & Johnson Global IT strategy and Sector Functional Capabilities. This session will focus on the information CIOs are looking for to buy into a learning program and how to launch a successful marketing campaign like #igotskills.

During this session attendees will:

  • Gain understanding of the importance of prioritizing the key strategic business objectives of the IT organization to the learning resources
  • Learn how to influence executive sponsorship and subject matter experts participation
  • Explore how collaboration between the Skillsoft team and the Johnson & Johnson team created a successful adoption strategy

Who should attend: Those interested in learning about successful marketing programs to increase adoption and usage and those interested in the value of involving the CIO and the IT organization in learning.

Saila Incollingo
Director of Learning and Talent Development
Johnson and Johnson

Elizabeth Heckman
IT Technical Training Lead
Johnson and Johnson
Skillsoft A Bold Solution to Manager Training: Designing the Complete Leadership Learning Experience

DST's Learning and Education team is evolving its learning programs to more closely align leader development with organizational goals. Their new leadership development program blends Instructor-Led Events, online learning, peer consulting, on-the-job application activities, a final capstone project, and more into a year-long experience. Kathryn will tell the story of the how the development and delivery of the complete leadership learning experience is transforming mindsets about manager training, uncovering new ways of using learning metrics to align with business outcomes, and shaping the leadership culture at DST.

During this session attendees will learn:

  • Actions that could be taken to turn a traditional training class into part of a larger learning experience
  • Approaches to blend Skillsoft content into learning programs
  • How pushing the boundaries on traditional learning metrics can change conversations with business leaders

Who Should Attend: Learning professionals who wish to gather ideas that might change the conversation about learning at their organizations, leading to program design changes that have a more direct impact on business outcomes.

Kathryn Thompson
Learning and Education Director
DST Systems
Skillsoft Corporate Content Curation in a Consumer-Centric World

From Facebook to YouTube, people are bringing their experiences with consumer products to work with them. At the center of many of these experiences is the idea of curation. Curation provides the opportunity to place the right information - at the right time and in the right context - in front of the individual. Said another way, curation delivers relevant content at the moment of need. In this session we will:

  • Explore curation: what it is, and isn't, and how to use it to build a content discovery experience that can engage, guide and reward learners
  • Understand the importance of knowing your audience, selecting the best content, providing context and ensuring a quality consumption experience
  • Discuss a variety of technics and technologies, including Single Sign-on and deep linking, that can support the development of your curated experiences

Who should attend: Those considering making a move from one LMS platform to another or anyone new to an enterprise level LMS.

Gary Hartman
Partner Alliances Manager

Jim Renner
Technical Product Strategist
Skillsoft SumTotal How to Gather the Right Evidence to Measure Business Impact

For many years, the Chief Learning Officer of Capgemini could proudly report the cost of a learning hour, the ratio of L&D professionals per 1000-employee, or how many people their high-priority programs reached; however, it was very difficult to demonstrate the actual value of learning to the business. After years of focused efforts, Capgemini now uses a pragmatic and cost-effective approach to measure the business impact of learning. Join Capgemini as they share steps for setting up a similar evaluation capability in your organization! And they will also review the lessons they learned so you can avoid the same pitfalls!

During this session attendees will:

  • Understand the pillars of the Capgemini effectiveness framework, including the evaluation levels and types of data collected
  • Recognize the importance of moving the conversation with stakeholders from cost to value
  • Understand how to develop a pragmatic measurement approach for a program

Who should attend: Learning business partners and learning executives who interact with the business on business terms and have to translate the business problems into a learning solution.

Regis Chasse
Director of Curriculum
Capgemini University
Skillsoft SumTotal Simplifying Compliance Training Complexities

Mandated training can be complex—both for administrators and their learners. Discover the best approaches to simplify the process of getting learners to become - and stay - compliant. Tamara Greelish, Training Technology Specialist at Colonial Pipeline Company, and Irene Campbell, LMS Expert and Owner, Terrabia Consulting, will tap into the deep functionality of the SumTotal Learning Management System (LMS) to demonstrate how you can combine training in just the right way for your learners.

During this session attends will learn:

  • The best approach to helping learners become, and stay compliant with their required training
  • How to take advantage of SumTotal Learn features and functions to give end users an easy, positive experience that facilitates learning
  • How to report effectively on mandated training completion

Who should attend this session: SumTotal customers utilizing the SumTotal Learn, customers who want to implement compliance training and/or create curricula, and decision makers who want to understand SumTotal Learn capabilities.

Irene Campbell
LMS Expert & Owner
Terrabia Consulting, LLC

Tamara Greelish
Training Technology Specialist
Colonial Pipeline Company
Skillsoft Skillsoft Leadership Advantage 3.0: The New Experience for Developing Leaders at All Levels

Organizations must invest in developing all their leaders and future leaders to build a leadership pipeline and keep pace with competition. Yet, in today's resource constrained world, leadership development opportunities are typically limited to senior leaders and hi-potentials. What if you could not only develop exceptional leaders at all levels, but do this in a way that is flexible, scalable and immediately actionable using Skillsoft Leadership Advantage?

This breakout session will provide an overview of the recently released Skillsoft Advantage 3.0, which has been updated with a new user experience. In this workshop you will:

  • Be provided with an overview of Skillsoft Leadership Advantage 3.0
  • See a live demo which highlights the new user experience, including a new integrated Online Editor that allows for unique personalization of the portal experience for your learners
  • Learn how other organizations have used this program to create impactful blended learning programs

Who should attend: Ideal for existing Leadership Advantage 2.0 customers who want to preview the new experience, and also well suited for other learning and leadership development professionals, who are looking to better understand how Skillsoft Leadership Advantage can be effectively leveraged for blended, scalable leadership development in their organization.

Lynn Gallin
Senior Product Marketing Manager - Leadership
Sumtotal Making the Move from Maestro to SumTotal Learn

No doubt about it, changing your LMS platform is a big decision and commitment. This process can include an extensive RFP, including a lot of decisions and choices that will ideally result in a successful implementation. The P.F. Changs team found themselves with two brands that needed to come together, with a consensus on one go-forward platform. This session will tell the story of how P.F. Chang's and Pei Wei reviewed their existing Maestro platform, assessed the growing organization's future needs and ultimately decided on SumTotal Learn – going on to have a successful migration from Maestro to SumTotal Learn.

During this session attendees will learn:

  • Best practices for evaluating your LMS platform against your organization's goals
  • Benefits of working with SumTotal to evaluate systems
  • Tips for how to accomplish a successful platform change while reducing time and efforts in a full RFP process to many vendors

Who should attend: Those considering making a move from one LMS platform to another or anyone new to an enterprise level LMS such as SumTotal Learn.

Erica Morris
Instructional Design and e-Learning Developer
Pei Wei

Erica Smith
Director of Learning and Instructional Design
P.F. Chang's
SumTotal SumTotal Suite: Delivering Innovation with the elixHR® Platform to Unify Solutions and Create a Compelling User Experience

Talent and Learning professionals are singularly focused on aligning ever evolving business demands with ever evolving people and technology. In this session learn how SumTotal's ElixHR® is providing innovative capabilities combined with leading user experience that will easily allow Talent and Learning professionals to align all three. Specifically in this session you will learn how:

  • SumTotal's highly engaging new user experience has simplified and streamlined how people interact with everyday processes that span across multiple systems
  • Big Data is being used to align a person's career progression and provided individualized learning recommendations
  • Administrators, with a full range of configuration options, have the ability to easily complete complex tasks, such as page level configurations and applying customer themes
Brian Gaspar
Senior Director, Product Innovation
SumTotal, A Skillsoft Company

Brandon Smith-Daigle
Director, Product Management
SumTotal, A Skillsoft Company
SumTotal SumTotal Learn: Supporting the Extended Enterprise

They say that "knowledge is power" - well knowledge can also be associated with something else: "Knowledge is profit". Learn how your organization can more effectively share information on your products and services with your entire business value chain to optimize mindshare and business readiness while in turn generating revenue and profit for your organization. In addition, James Dorney of CA Technologies will share how her organization has delivered an extended enterprise learning solution to propel their business.

Bill Docherty
Vice President, Product Management
SumTotal, A Skillsoft Company

James Dorney
Vice President, Education
CA Technologies
3:30 PM - 4:00 PM   Networking Break in Product-Customer Showcase
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM Breakout Sessions 3
SumTotal Implementing and Using Position Administration | Learn About the Benefits and Steps Required to Implement Position Administration

Learn more about our Position Administration module and some important considerations prior to implementation. Learn about:

  • Required forms for implementation
  • Optional forms
  • Technical considerations when running Position Administration
  • Using Position Administration in email and letter events
  • Using Position Administration Manager Self-Service

This session would be applicable for Human Resources staff and administrators.

Mario Besner
Senior Director, Product Management
SumTotal, A Skillsoft Company

Sherry Sutphen
Senior Manager, Payroll Customer Support
SumTotal, A Skillsoft Company
Skillsoft SumTotal Skills Application as a Goal of Program Adoption

In 2011, professional learning personnel in the Washoe County School District worked with senior managers to design learning programs that focused on job-specific skills. From this work, an employee career lattice program emerged. Recently, the school district added a professional learning recognition system to support the career lattice program. The recognition program provides school district leaders with opportunities to commend employees for attaining professional growth goals. In the last year, Skillport’s Community has become a venue for communities of practice where participants engage in social learning to help their colleagues develop and apply job-specific skills. As a result of this project, skills application in the workplace has increased significantly.

During this session attendees will learn how to:

  • Increase engagement by offering job-specific elearning programs
  • Use recognition to support professional growth and career advancement
  • Promote social learning to increase skills application

Who should attend: Those interested in learning how to increase job-specific skills application and engagement.

Toni Rader
Professional Learning Coordinator
Washoe County School District
Skillsoft Ensure Training is Aligned to Business Outcomes: The Next Evolution of the University Model at CA Technologies

CA Technologies shared their university model at 2014 Global Skillsoft Perspectives, since then, their universities have evolved into the next evolution. During this session CA Technologies will share how they have evolved in two years, increased adoption and tied training to their business outcomes. CA Technologies has directly embedded Skillsoft content links into Department Universities and enhanced inter and cross department roadmaps for employee growth and development. These tactics have had a direct contribution to the improvement of key business metrics with higher engagement and adoption.

During this session attendees will learn:

  • How to increase adoption by embedding to main training resource of department
  • How to improve engagement with tight alignment to employee development paths and business outcomes
  • How to demonstrate more value to business by leading learners to strategic content

Who should attend: Learning leaders, responsible for corporate education, who are interested in the process of using the university model and aligning it to the organization.

Thomas Daniels
Principal Education Consultant
CA Technologies
Skillsoft Continuous Learning Journey: Learn, Reflect, Apply

Experience the journey that a participant at Bank of Queensland (BOQ) would receive if they had just enrolled in a BOQ program. Session participants will get to live the journey, learn how to apply and challenge themselves with a new skill along the way! BOQ is a diverse organization comprising of a corporate and franchise network, with recent company acquisitions. With team members spread across Australia, recent regulatory changes and the need to cut training and travel expenses they were looking for a program that could provide maximum impact, aligned to best practice adult learning that could be deployed easily without the need to travel or customize content. Skillsoft has allowed BOQ to deploy high impact content to participants all over the country to help build high performing professionals by creating a habit of weekly improvement and growth. This program has also allowed us to break down silos across multiple businesses, functions and locations by providing a common experience for participants in the programs.

During this session attendees will learn how Bank of Queensland:

  • Applied the 70:20:10 approach to best practice, blended adult learning
  • Rolled out high impact training across multiple locations with maximum results
  • Successfully implemented new learning, tools, technology, collaboration and reflection activities all at the same time!

  • Who should attend: Learning and development professionals who want to learn how to tailor and customize a program and explore cost efficiency without having poor programming.

    Leisa James
    Management Development Consultant
    Bank of Queensland

    Scott Terry
    Learning and Development Manager
    Bank of Queensland
    Skillsoft Enabling Mobile Learning in Your Organization

    Have you wanted to leverage mobile learning but haven't figured out the best way to start? We know deploying mobile learning seems like a daunting task with new content, new technologies, and new challenges. The reality is that your employees are already using it in their personal lives, so how do we leverage that to take your learning programs to a new level. In this session we will:

    • Review the value of mobile learning and how it will benefit your learners
    • Discuss the keys to a successful mobile learning strategy
    • Explore specific successful stories from other organizations
    • Identify methods and best practices for getting started with mobile learning
    Jim Renner
    Product Manager

    Sue Rodeman
    Vice President, Product Marketing
    Skillsoft Big Impact on a Small Budget: Optimizing Leadership Development with Blended Learning

    In today's economy, many organizations struggle with maximizing the impact of their learning programs within a defined budget. With some creative blended learning strategies and Skillsoft Leadership Advantage, OMERS implemented a program which leverages multiple learning modalities, and supports more traditional training requirements with minimal investment. By blending the Skillsoft Leadership Advantage assets into the Managing with Impact program, the L&D team has seen a transformative effect across the intended audience, encountering little resistance in an organization that places high value on traditional training methods.

    As a result of this this approach, the L&D team has been able to accelerate the acceptance of new learning modalities and pave the way to incorporate these strategies in other initiatives This early adoption of blended learning from the Managing with Impact program has opened the doors to truly impacting the Learning Culture at OMERS, and leveraging the Learning Growth Model will allow the L&D team to continue building upon their early momentum.

    During this session attendees will learn how to:

    • Employ a variety of blended learning techniques, while utilizing Skillsoft Leadership Advantage as the base
    • Maximize adoption (and minimize resistance) to online learning
    • Customize programs quickly and easily to accommodate multiple audiences and events

    Who should attend: Those looking for solutions to fit many purposes and needs, those who manage a tight budget and are looking for innovative ways to leverage their solution.

    Robin Mahadeva
    Director, Enterprise Learning & Development
    OMERS Administration Corporation
    SumTotal SumTotal Maestro: Understanding Recent Maestro Changes and a Peek at the Roadmap

    Join us for a look at recent updates to SumTotal Maestro, and learn how you can leverage new capabilities and enhancements while minimizing change. We'll include some of our Talent and elixHR® Platform experts to help you understand the updates in those solutions that are meaningful for a Maestro customer. We'll also include a look at the Maestro roadmap, and include time for interactive questions and answers. As a Maestro customer, you don't want to miss this session!

    • What Maestro functionality has been recently released in the first half of 2016?
    • Step through SumTotal Talent and elixHR Platform updates that impact an integrated Maestro customer
    • Interactive with SumTotal product experts to get your questions answered!
    Mikka Kjarland
    Senior Product Manager
    SumTotal, A Skillsoft Company
    Skillsoft SumTotal Blended Training Programs – Align, Delivery and Rollout using SumTotal Learn

    This session goes over how RELX used the SumTotal Learn capabilities and content integrations to align, deliver and rollout global blended training programs. RELX group consists of several divisions operating globally. RELX or certain of its divisions have rolled out the compliance, onboarding programs and other blended learning programs globally. Two samples of the global training programs are listed below.

    • One of the global divisions of RELX has rolled out an onboarding program which includes targeting new hires across the globe and provides an onboarding training experience that would help them better understand the company and provide them with the tools to do their jobs better. Using a combination of the division's portal and SumTotal Learn, they were able to roll out a global onboarding program to share knowledge and build awareness for their new hires. This program consists of several modules via live virtual WebEx sessions that the new hires take over a period of several months starting from the second month of their employment.
    • RELX compliance training programs target all users across RELX and provides eLearning sessions targeted towards users in different regions delivered in their native languages. Their compliance programs target users across RELX and are mandatory training that all 30,000 users need to take periodically throughout the year.

    All the training is set up and delivered through SumTotal Learn including the WebEx and surveys; this includes targeting and assigning to users automatically. To learn more, please join us at the breakout session.

    During this session attendees will learn:

    • How to align/rollout any of your complex global training programs using your SumTotal Learn
    • How to better use the SumTotal Learn and its content integrations for global training programs
    • Pros and cons of using SumTotal Learn for the global training programs

    Who should attend: Those involved with global organizations and planning to roll out global training programs with blended learning or companies that would like to take advantage of the Sumtotal Learn capabilities.

    Varsha Gumastha
    Global Learning Management App Manager
    RELX Group
    Skillsoft Collaborative Curation: Using the PwC Talent Framework as a 'Prism' for Curating Skillsoft Content

    The Skillsoft Custom Services team played an integral role in assisting PwC in curating a high quality, effective learning response to the rollout of a new PwC Talent Framework. Incorporating keywords, single sign-on, and branding, the curation approach is a success story of teamwork, innovation, and a great partnership. The US Learning maps, the result of the partnership, are now touted around the globe as leading edge examples of successful curation, and have advanced our curation approach exponentially. This has also resulted in the employment of librarians to help with the curation at PwC.

    During this session attendees will:

    • Learn how Skillsoft's Custom Services team can play a key role in effectively curating a broad and deep range of assets against a custom talent framework
    • Discover the importance of effective curation to an overall learning strategy - 'less is more' is a watchword we have found useful, both in terms of clicks and content. Successful curation is a foundational block of an effective user experience
    • See examples of PwC's learning maps; their processes; their utilities (like single sign on); and hear some of their user feedback and how they are incorporating that into ‘Wave 2' of the Global Learning maps

    Who should attend: Senior level leaders who are interested in taking their content to a new level of curation.

    Candace Haynes
    Managing Director

    Alyssa Levi
    Digital Librarian
    SumTotal SumTotal Learn: Exploring the Connection to Content, Mobile Capabilities and the Learn Roadmap

    You're faced every day with making learning engaging for your employees, and ensuring it delivers real value to the work day to help drive adoption of your learning investment. We're going to help you. The compelling, yet simple, user experience in the latest SumTotal Learn makes it easy for your people to connect with the most meaningful learning activity and content when and where they need it – even being delivered personalized recommendations before they ask for something. Join our product leaders for a walk through of some of the most recently delivered innovation, as well as a sneak peek into some of the new features and enhancements on our roadmap.

    • See how the latest release of SumTotal Learn makes it simple to search, discover – and be delivered – relevant Skillsoft content
    • Get a clear view of current mobile capabilities, and see how we're investing in this area to help you and your employees accomplish more while on the go
    • See how SumTotal Learn will to continue to evolve to meet changing learning needs

    Who should attend: Existing SumTotal Learn customers, and other learning professionals looking for a better understanding of SumTotal Learn capabilities.Who should attend: Existing SumTotal Learn customers, and other learning professionals looking for a better understanding of SumTotal Learn capabilities.

    Eric Theobald
    Vice President, Product Management
    SumTotal, A Skillsoft Company
    5:15 PM - 6:15 PM   Networking Reception and Product-Customer Showcase

    Wednesday, May 11




    7:30 AM - 4:00 PM   Registration and Information Desks Open
    7:15 AM - 8:15 AM   Networking Breakfast
    8:30 AM - 8:45 AM   2016 Global Skillsoft Perspectives General Sessions Perspectives MC: Kieran King
    Vice President, Global Customer Insight
    8:40 AM - 9:10 AM   What's Trending in the Talent and Learning Industry

    No doubt, the landscape of work is changing fast and there has never been a more exciting time to be in HR. The most adept pace-setters will adapt to take advantage of the top industry trends, taking action to leverage them for competitive advantage. Organizations that chose not to adapt will surely fall behind their peer group, losing out on the ability to attract and develop the best talent. During this session audience members will hear a synthesis of the key forces in the talent and learning field that are part of progressive HR strategies. The session will also illuminate how a partnership with Skillsoft and SumTotal can help an organization stay in-step with the most salient trends. An infographic summarizing the key points will also be made available through the Perspectives event app at the event so attendees can share the findings with colleagues.

    Morne Swart
    Vice President
    Global Product Strategy and Transformation
    SumTotal, A Skillsoft Company
    9:10 AM - 10:10 AM   Industry Panel Discussion | Demanding or Developing Diversity: The Modern Employment Marketplace Dilemma

    Workplace diversity and equity are hot topics these days in the United States as well as other well-developed and emerging economy countries, but too often the topic gets buried in self-serving statistics and political rhetoric. Join long-time industry analyst Christa Degnan Manning as she moderates a lively and candid panel on what industry participants and leading organizations like Lear Corporation and Joy Global are seeing and more importantly doing about diversity and lessons learned from their time in the trenches.

    Christa Degnan Manning

    Vice President
    Solution Provider Research
    Bersin by Deloitte

    Scott Farley

    Director, Learning & Development
    Joy Global

    Noelle Gill
    Vice President
    Global Leardership Development
    Lear Corporation

    Priti Shah
    Vice President
    Leadership Product Strategy

    William Tincup
    Principal Analyst
    KeyInterval Research

    Kellye Whitney
    Associate Editorial Director
    Human Capital Media
    10:10 AM - 10:20 AM   Innovation Awards Part 2
    10:20 AM - 10:50 AM   Networking Break in Augustus Foyer
    10:50 AM - 11:00 AM   Leadership Channel Live Event. Please be seated.
    11:00 AM - 12:15 PM   Keynote | Achieving Innovation and Breakthroughs

    The day before something is a breakthrough, it's a crazy idea.

    Based on the success of the Ansari X PRIZE (which stimulated the creation of the billion-dollar private spaceflight industry) and more recently the launch of the $30M Google Lunar X PRIZE, Peter Diamandis discusses how to incentivize innovative thinking and breakthroughs. In a time where disruptive innovation thwarts us, organizations must swiftly respond, reassess and rise to the challenges placed in front of them—one that starts with creating a culture of inclusive thinking to achieve clear objectives. Diamandis explains how traditional thinking, risk-aversion, and incrementalism causes the demise of companies unable to cope with the changes brought by disruptive innovation. He will discuss how the rapid growth of key exponential technologies (nano, info, bio) is empowering individuals and companies to do what only governments were able to achieve in past decades. You will learn:

    • How to encourage breakthrough thinking focused on achieving clear, measurable, and objective results within your own organization.
    • The key factors attributed to the demise of organizations.
    • Incentivizing breakthroughs to ignite rapid growth for new products and strategies to ultimately reinvent your organization.
    Peter Diamandis
    Chairman and CEO
    X Prize Foundation
    12:15 PM - 1:30 PM   Networking Lunch in Product-Customer Showcase
    1:30 PM - 2:30 PM Breakout Sessions 4
    SumTotal Maintaining the Payroll System | Learn how to efficiently maintain your payroll system and apply software updates

    Gain a better understanding of how to keep your payroll system up-to-date. This session will cover best practices for:

    • Application of Service Packs and what to look for
    • Application of Program Temporary Fixes
    • Application of Regulatory Bulletins
    • Using the Consolidate Override file (COF)

    This session would be applicable for technical and development staff responsible for maintaining and developing with payroll application.

    Philippe Hurtubise
    Senior Technical Support Engineer
    SumTotal, A Skillsoft Company
    Skillsoft SumTotal Perfecting the Stool: Supporting your Learners with 3 Legs (SumTotal, Skillsoft and YOU)

    In order to get the full benefits of the products and solutions you have secured you need to understand the technology behind it, but you aren't the expert on this technology so often you are left with a huge learning curve to figure everything out. The partnership that BAE has with the Skillsoft and SumTotal teams have made their learning program robust, driven adoption and proven the value through change management and alignment. This session will be an interactive journey of how BAE has undertaken the integration of SumTotal Learn and Skillsoft applications and content offerings into the BAE Learning and Development ecosystem.

    During this session attendees will learn:

    • How to foster good partner relationships and the journey of the SumTotal/Skillsoft/BAE collaboration efforts
    • How BAE is driving adoption and value through change management and alignment
    • Lessons learned from the BAE perspective

    Who should attend: Those looking to enhance their vendor partnerships through collaboration and want to understand more of how you can influence change management in your organization.

    Robert Browne
    Instructional Designer
    BAE Systems Inc

    Scott Petrie
    Manager, Learning Tools
    BAE Systems Inc
    Skillsoft 2015 Innovation Award Highlight Session: Empowering Continuous Talent Development

    At 2015 Global Skillsoft Perspectives, this program received honorable mention for "Empowering Continuous Talent Development." Skillsoft content is fundamental to the first two phases of this roadmap: IEvolve and IAspire. IEvolve targets new hires and sets the stage for what it means to be a TELUS International employee, the benefits of working for TI and the key skills to be successful as an agent. To drive a culture of learning, IEvolve graduates receive access to the Professional Foundations KnowledgeCenter. IAspire targets aspiring and newly promoted team leads, leveraging a customized Management KnowledgeCenter (KC) as the backbone of this program. TELUS International used the KC Editor tool to customize and brand the KC as the IAspire KnowledgeCenter. With the assistance of the TELUS' Skillsoft program manager, TELUS International created a customized roadmap, mapping the KC content to the essential skills required to become a team lead. Agents are not eligible for promotion unless they are employees in good standing, who have completed both IAspire Essentials and IAspire Basecamp. Basecamp is a blended program that follows Essentials, with homework that includes Skillsoft assets.

    During this session attendees will learn:

    • Why it is important to creating a standardized global learning that also allows for local execution
    • How to launch a large scale, standardized global learning program in an organization where the local operations previously created and facilitated their own programs
    • What the benefits are of using Skillsoft content to support a standard learning program

    Who should attend: Learning professionals interesting in creating a roadmap and a blended learning program.

    Margot Cook
    Senior Manager, Instructional Design & Development
    TELUS International
    Skillsoft Leveraging Compliance Training as a Foundational Building Block to Drive eLearning Adoption and Organizational Agility

    Newalta has intense compliance training needs to be competitive in their industry and depends on their employees having 0% incidents to thrive as a leader. In order to maintain a 0% incident rating, Newalta must provide compliance training to all employees that is engaging and relevant to their industry standards. Newalta has developed an implementation strategy for compliance training to not only improve safety competencies, but also to increase and facilitate overall eLearning adoption and organizational learning. They have partnered with Skillsoft for the content and technology to provide compliance, safety and regulatory requirements to their employees. This session will share how the Advanced Compliance Module can help your organization advance its Safety Culture, decrease incidents and support other critical compliance needs. (Example: Code of Conduct, Drug & Alcohol.)

    During this session attendees will learn:

    • How to drive your organization's learning goals through Skillsoft compliance training
    • Best practices in implementing and rolling out a compliance learning strategy
    • How to develop a plan to build off compliance training to increase usage and adoption of other eLearning assets
    • Align compliance training plan with your organization's safety strategy and regulatory practices

    Who should attend: Those who are interested in engaging in eLearning and need the Business Case to make it happen and for those looking to increase their adoption of eLearning as a critical learning strategy.

    Irene Posyluzny
    Human Resources Director
    Newalta Corporation
    SumTotal Creating Socially Engaged Learners: Educate and Collaborate

    Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, YouTube - Social Learning is all around us. Why not leverage the concepts that learners already love and are familiar with to enhance learning for your organization? This session will focus on how social learning enables your company to engage today's modern learner. We will discuss how to work with executives to change the perceptions of social learning, by creating alignment to corporate initiatives. This session will also show you ways to get started by setting up communities within SumTotal Learn. Finally, we'll walk you through setting up a pilot project and ensuring there is adequate governance in place to promote a positive experience.

    During this session, we will discuss:

    • Why social? Why not?
    • Definitions, advantages - Stop the Stigma
    • Understand SumTotal Learn's Collaboration and Social Learning Features – how to make them work within the organization, starting pilot testing and ensuring governance

    Who should attend: Administrators, Learning professionals and executives in the training field interested in implementing collaboration and social learning.

    Suzanne Burgei
    Director, HR Development & Technology
    UC Health

    Ann Klusmeier
    System Administrator
    UC Health
    Skillsoft Crossing the Chasm: Making the Shift from Leadership Program to Leadership Process

    The current approach to leadership development in most organizations today isn't working. In Brandon Hall Group's Leadership: State of Development Programs 2015, 71% of respondents said their leaders are not ready to lead their organizations into the future. Today's programs must move beyond the traditional classroom and utilize continuous blended learning approaches that meet the demands and preferences of the modern workforce.

    Organizations must refocus their leadership efforts and shift their approach from programs to process. And the solution must scale and be compatible with the environment in which leaders operate — one of constant change and a scarcity of time.

    Key insights include:

    • How organizations can do a better job of guiding employees' limited personal development time for innovation and growth
    • How most organizations spend too much time and money on immersive learning events at the expense of pre-work and follow-up activities where the potential for impact is much greater
    • The importance of the "drip method" in learning and leadership development, often utilizing micro learning approaches
    Taavo Godtfredsen
    Vice President & Executive Producer

    Priti Shah
    Vice President, Leadership Product Strategy & Corporate Development
    Skillsoft SumTotal Plan, Implement (system & content) and Go Live!

    Companies today are investing substantial dollars in LMS platforms and want to see a strong return on the investment. You can create the best LMS environment, with all the greatest content, but if no one in the organization utilizes it, it will be a flop! Don't let your LMS be a flop! In 2015, PSAV went through a successful SumTotal Learn and Skillsoft content implementation and increased adoption by talking to stakeholders, supporting them and providing measurement of the success. In this interactive session, participants will learn best practices in planning (project management), implementing, selecting content, creating a strong training/go-live plan and then continuous communication to make your LMS a success.

    During this session attendees will learn:

    • Best practices for planning, executing and rolling out an LMS and content strategy
    • How to create a realistic time frame for your company with a phased functionality approach
    • How to set expectations with senior leaders and end users

    Who should attend: Those who are launching or in the middle of an LMS implementation or thinking of moving from one platform to another.

    Derek Blake
    Corporate Director, Global Learning
    Skillsoft Enhancing Business Impact Through eLearning

    Learning and Talent Development teams do a marvelous job of providing learning opportunities and developing talent. But, when it comes to articulating business impact of those investments with chief executives, it becomes a nightmare for teams. The team at UST-Global believes that getting business impact out of elearning will not happen by itself and it needs to be intentional. That is what prompted UST-Global to arrive at and successfully implement a 4-step model, "SEMA": Strategize, Establish, Measure, Articulate. In a world overwhelmed with data and information, first 3 steps can reap benefits only when they are appropriately, crisply and contextually articulated (final step) and shared relevant stakeholders (internal/external). Customizing each step to specific needs of the different types of stakeholders in an organisation (from Employees, to CxOs, each with different needs and perceptions about Learning Investments) is very important too.

    During this session attendees will:

    • Learn how to maximize the Business Impact of their eLearning program
    • Explore on how to leverage on elearning programs in different training domains
    • Gain insight on the 4-step SEMA model which aligns L&D Efforts to business impact

    Who should attend: Learning professionals who are accountable for learning investments, who need to justify the investment or are looking for best practices and innovative ways to present a business case on learning investments.

    Dr. Madana Kumar, PhD
    Global Head – Learning and Development
    UST Global
    SumTotal SumTotal Workforce Management: A Sneak Peek at the Roadmap and Understanding Compliance and Legislative Updates

    As workforce demographics evolve, more than ever your employees expect high-touch applications that deliver pervasive access, are simple to use and provide a growing number of self-service opportunities. Join this session to see how the SumTotal Workforce Management solution is meeting these changing needs, and how we are innovating in upcoming releases to help you better engage your employees and provide them with a superior user experience. Additionally, we understand the challenge you face when it comes to keeping up with compliance and legislative updates. SumTotal continues to provide support for compliance rules such as the Affordable Care Act, Meal Break, Sick Leave Legislation and others. We will discuss how your organization manages legislative and compliance issues and how SumTotal can make this process easier. Join this session to:

    • Understand how the latest tools can help you more efficiently manage your workforce and improve productivity
    • Get a glimpse into the SumTotal Workforce Management product roadmap
    • Discuss legislative and compliance issues customers are facing, and how we help you address them
    • Provide direct feedback to SumTotal Product Management leaders

    Who should attend: SumTotal Workforce Management customers, and any attendee interested in exploring/understanding WFM capabilities.

    Craig Fearon
    Director, Product Management
    SumTotal, A Skillsoft Company
    SumTotal SumTotal Talent Management Best Practice Sharing

    Join us for this insightful panel highlighting just some of the ways SumTotal customers are addressing today’s key talent challenges – from supporting career progression and transparency to ensuring your programs are preparing tomorrow’s leaders.

    This interactive customer panel features HR and Talent leaders from the University of Notre Dame and the University of California as they discuss how they are each creating programs focused on succession, leadership continuity, retention of key talent and alignment of talent and organizational strategies. We’ll discuss how customers are leveraging SumTotal’s Talent and Learn solutions, combined with Skillsoft Content, to address a number of top talent development topics. Led by Morne Swart, Vice President of Global Product Strategy for SumTotal, we’ll include plenty of time for discussion and questions.

    Morne Swart
    Vice President, Products
    SumTotal, A Skillsoft Company

    Tammy Freeman
    Director – HR Services
    University of Notre Dame

    Donna Salvo
    Executive Director, Systemwide Talent Management and Staff Development
    University of California
    2:40 PM - 3:40 PM Breakout Sessions 5
    SumTotal Why you need to move to Fast Forward! | Learn how Fast Forward can make your day-to-day tasks easier, more efficient and more fun!

    Fast Forward is already in use by some of our largest customers. Come see why they are using it and what you, too, can have as your brand new web-based user interface with just a few days of effort. Fast Forward offers:

    • Easier, more intuitive navigation with smart search capabilities
    • The ability to export data to Excel or CSV files
    • Advanced search capabilities for employees with the ability to process lists of employees
    • The ability to personalize a complete view of all instances for forms
    • A view of all employee data in one simple, easy to use window

    Today's workforce demands tools which are easy to use. If you are not already using Fast Forward, come see what you are missing!

    This session would be applicable for all payroll and HR users and administrators.

    Mario Besner
    Senior Director, Product Management
    SumTotal, A Skillsoft Company
    Skillsoft Learn. Perform. Succeed: How to Align Learning Systems to Support Your Self-Developing Organization

    The concept of "The Self-Developing Organization" promises a learner-centric approach to learn, perform and succeed. How do you align your learning systems to empower learners and managers as they join the firm, get promoted, and choose ongoing learning based on their individual development needs while satisfying organizational and individual learning requirements? How do you provide transparency so Managers can make informed decisions about employee enrollment in learning programs with a significant time or cost commitment?

    This session will discuss how Navigant addressed these questions and the role the Skillsoft has played in the fundamental success of their new and evolving programs. Navigant has been able to provide a customized learning experience using a flexible, unique learning structure that allows employees and managers to take charge of their learning with choices grounded in firm expectations and individual development needs so that learning can occur contextually over a period of time within the daily flow of work.

    During this session attendees will learn:

    • Key steps to structure and align your learning systems that enable learners and managers to partner together to develop individualized learning plans that clearly align to corporate and role-specific competencies and performance systems
    • How to use Skillsoft content to introduce blended learning that provides guidance and empowerment to build not only skills but advocates for learning
    • How to utilize and customize Skillport and Sales Advantage to empower learners to access real-time learning solutions

    Who should attend: Those interested in realizing the vision of organizing and aligning learning systems to the business and marrying strategy to execution.

    Ann Stavrovich
    Director, Learning & Professional Development
    Navigant Consulting

    Norene H. Trondsen, M.Ed. (DE), PMP
    Senior Manager, Learning & Professional Development
    Navigant Consulting
    Skillsoft Skillsoft Business Skills - Microlearning that Engages and Sticks

    Distractions of all kinds are the status quo in today's business – and they wreak havoc on formal and informal learning programs. Furthermore, they can significantly impact learner engagement and retention.

    The latest buzzword and concept of microlearning is very appealing on the surface, but what exactly is it? During this session, we will take a look at a Skillsoft's business solution and how the new video courses can energize programs, engage users, and facilitate the application of learning on the job on the preferred device where and when it's needed.

    In this session we'll take a look at Skillsoft's approach to microlearning, via the new 30 min video business courses. We'll review findings from customer and millennials research conducted early in 2016. Finally, we'll share best practices for increasing engagement, retention and value from business solutions to meet the needs of today's business professionals.

    Russ Howard
    Senior Director, Product Management - Content Products

    Cindy Simms
    Senior Product Marketing Manager
    Skillsoft The Art and Science of Curating Skillsoft Content for IT Professionals

    Skillsoft offers on the order 40-60 thousand learning assets for IT professionals – from courses and books, to videos, test preps, virtual practice labs, mentors, and live learning. The challenge for training and IT management is to be able to curate this vast wealth of content to make it easy for staff to find just the learning they need, when and where they need it.

    In this presentation we will discuss the Art and Science of IT content curation – from defining IT job roles and competencies, to career path mapping, and finally how to pick the right content for the desired outcome and presenting it in a "simple to find and simple to consume" manner.

    Although IT content curation examples will be presented using Skillport and SumTotal, the ideas and techniques can be used with most modern learning platforms.

    During this session attendees will learn:

    • Tips and techniques for determining or discovering IT job roles and competencies
    • What do IT career paths look like?
    • How to curate learning to align with IT job roles, competencies, career paths, and key IT priorities
    Derek Pleadwell
    Senior Product Manager

    Jim Zimmermann
    Product Marketing Director - IT Solutions
    Skillsoft SumTotal University Points: The Gamification of Training and Beyond

    Ten years ago, Fallon Health began a Learning Points program with the goals of increasing tracking of employee learning and to encourage an ongoing culture of learning. Within the past few years, we adopted the Maestro Learning solution and then added the SumTotal Talent solution - participation in this program has exploded. During 2016, our Learning Points program has been rebranded into the University Points program – building off the internal name of our integrated suite (elixHR® Platform/SumTotal Talent/Succession/Maestro). In addition to rewarding employees with points for learning, employees also gain points for completing their performance evaluation tasks on time, and for completing parts of their employee profile – information that is essential for good succession planning metrics. And, of course, the program wraps up with recognition and prizes at the end of the year! Do you have what it takes to be a University Points Guru?

    During this session attendees will learn:

    • How Fallon Health leveraged the SumTotal elixHR® Platform to increase employee engagement
    • How we increased employee comfort with SumTotal solutions
    • Best practices for encouraging continuous learning and data participation for the Succession Planning module
    Who should attend this session: Training and Talent Management planners; Those adopting electronic HR solutions and looking to drive employee buy-in
    Jennifer Riedell
    Fallon Health (Fallon Community Health Plan)
    SumTotal SumTotal Learn: Delivering Blended Learning Programs

    Blended learning programs are engaging and effective, but not always simple to create and deliver. Join us for a look at how SumTotal Learn supports the delivery of robust blended learning programs with real impact.

    • What are the best practices for building structures that effectively meet training needs without conflict?
    • How can you simplify the end user experience with capabilities like one-click registration
    • How is blended learning delilvered in SumTotal Learn 2015.1, and what's new in the latest release?
    • How can you manage the need to swap out old activities with new activities, and keep learning current without rebuilding a new structure?
    Sandy McQueen
    Consulting Practice Lead
    SumTotal, A Skillsoft Company

    Eric Theobald
    Vice President, Product Management
    SumTotal, A Skillsoft Company
    Skillsoft Moving the Needle: How to Get the L&D Results You Want With Skillsoft's Learning Growth Model

    Low utilization rates. Disappointing engagement survey results. A negative return on investment. Not exactly the story you want to tell your leadership team, is it? Faced with these very challenges, Vectren Corporation, a Midwestern energy holding company, embarked on a journey to turn their learning and development programs around. Using Skillsoft's Learning Growth Model (LGM) as their guide, the Vectren team charted a strategy aimed at elevating their overall LGM score to a "best practice" level (70%) by the end of 2015, followed by the lofty goal of "best-in-class" (80%) by 2016. The initial results: jumping 20 points from 63% to 83% - after a mere four months! How did they do it? Thanks to a close partnership with Skillsoft, Vectren was able to leverage several resources such as customizing Professional Advantage and Leadership Advantage to their competencies and capitalizing on marketing materials in Client Community. These efforts ultimately led to the launch of their "Passport to Knowledge" competency development program, which has transformed the company's approach to online learning.

    During this session attendees will learn:

    • How to use Skillsoft's Learning Growth Model to increase executive support, user adoption and value
    • How to create a compelling marketing campaign with resources in Client Community
    • How customizing Professional and Leadership Advantage portals can enhance the overall learning experience

    Who should attend: Those with a new and/or existing L&D program that is not producing desired results, as well as those interested in using marketing materials in Client Community more effectively.

    Katie Sims
    Administrator, Learning, Development and HR Employee Services
    Vectren Corporation
    Skillsoft Innovative Employee Benefits to Encourage Self-Development through Learning and Unlimited Vacation Policies

    ASCOM has focused their employee benefits in areas that appeal to the generational span of Generation X, Baby Boomers and Millennials that they have in their organization. ASCOM has been using Skillsoft as a benefit for their employees who largely are self-learners by integrating learning into the regular work schedule. They have also moved from a defined number of vacation days per year to a policy whereby employees may take as much vacation as they need, however the work still has to get done. How to sell the idea to your management team, your corporate office and most importantly to your managers and employees. This will move your Total Rewards into the 21st Century and really resonate with Millennials in your talent acquisition efforts.

    During this session attendees will learn:

    • How to enliven their suite of benefit offerings
    • The positive dollar impact of such an innovation
    • The positive boost to it brings to employee engagement

    Who should attendee: Learning and Talent Business Partners and Executives interested in innovative benefits to provide to their organization.

    Peter Keeble
    Vice President Human Resources, Ascom Networking Testing
    SumTotal SumTotal Workforce Management In Action - Customer Case Studies and Tips

    Workforce Management is a solution that the majority of the people in your organization utilize every day. As a result, this solution needs to be easy-to-use, but also robust enough to manage complex compliance and legislative requirements. This session will explore how we've worked with various customers to fully leverage their SumTotal Workforce Management solution to meet a variety of needs, and the results they've recognized from their use of the tools. The SumTotal Workforce Management experts will share insight they have gained through years of solution implementations and upgrades with customers of varying sizes, structure and industry. They will highlight a number of best practices and lessons learned, including some practices to avoid and considerations you should factor into your own approach. Join this session as our experts share:

    • Workforce Management project and testing best practices
    • How to leverage new core rules and the value of rule extensions
    • Guidelines to consider to best handle change management and adoption of the new user interface (RIA UX)
    • Understanding your options when it comes to SumTotal hosting
    • And much more…

    Who should attend: SumTotal Workforce Management customers, and any attendee interested in exploring/understanding WFM capabilities.

    Craig Fearon
    Director, Product Management
    SumTotal, A Skillsoft Company

    Malcolm Ward
    Practice Director
    SumTotal, A Skillsoft Company
    SumTotal SumTotal Talent: Modern and Unified Talent Management Practices to Engage, Develop and Retain

    The world of talent management is shifting right under our feet. For years the focus has been on "pre-hire to retire" and performance rankings. Today, driven in large part by Millennials, employees are looking for their managers and organizations to provide open and continuous coaching, developmental feedback, agile goal management and learning opportunities connected to goals, skills and competencies. As a result, 60% of organizations are redesigning their performance management practices.

    Join this session to see how SumTotal is innovating their Talent Management solutions to meet these changing needs. In this session you will discover:

    • How you can empower employees with a self-directed path for individualized development as part of the journey towards becoming a self-developing organization
    • Why companies are shifting away from the annual review cycle, and how you can support continuous feedback to make performance discussions more meaningful
    • How you can quickly locate the employees that have the skills to fill open positions when they are needed
    • How you can meet the varying levels of needs for a multi-generational workforce and how your organization can adapt to the different managing styles, rewards, and retention of your employees
    Sean Hjorth
    Consulting Practice Lead
    SumTotal, A Skillsoft Company

    Matt Lee
    Director, Global Pre-Sales
    SumTotal, A Skillsoft Company
    6:00 PM - 9:00 PM  

    Evening Event: The LINQ

    Celebrate a successful Perspectives with us at The LINQ. Just a short walking distance across Las Vegas Boulevard from Caesars Palace, the LINQ Promenade is one of the newest and hottest attractions in Las Vegas. The LINQ is also home to the High Roller, the world’s tallest observation wheel. We have reserved two of the top-notch dining establishments for exclusive access by Perspectives attendees for the evening: Chayo Mexican Kitchen + Tequila Bar and Brooklyn Bowl.

    Grab a refreshing cocktail on the outdoor terrace at Chayo Mexican Kitchen + Tequila Bar and enjoy Mexican-themed tapas such as sweet corn empanadas. Mingle with your fellow Perspectives attendees on the outdoor terrace with a perfect view of the High Roller.

    The fun doesn’t stop there – head on over to Brooklyn Bowl and experience food by New York’s renowned Blue Ribbon Restaurant, electrifying music and of course, bowling. Be ready to eat, drink, and rock & roll!

    Don’t forget to head down to the High Roller main entrance during the evening and claim your ticket to reach unbelievable heights on an air-conditioned 30-minute ride on the world’s tallest observation wheel. You must have your Skillsoft Perspectives badge to pick-up your ticket. If you would like to purchase a guest ticket for $100, please click here to amend your registration; guest passes must be added by or before May 4. A spin around the wheel takes 30 minutes, plenty of time to soak up the Las Vegas views!


    Thursday, May 12




    7:45 AM - 12:30 PM   Registration Desk Open
    8:00 AM - 9:00 AM   Networking Breakfast
    9:00 AM - 12:30 PM

    Full Length Workshop

    SumTotal Workshop | SumTotal Workforce Management: RIA Overview & Occurrence Tracker Administration Configuration

    This workshop is ‘two for the price of one!' We will begin with a RIA overview, followed by training in Occurrence Tracker focused on administration configuration.

    Rich Internet Application (RIA) Review
    Welcome to the SumTotal Workforce Management Rich Internet Application (RIA) User Experience. A new framework that provides a set of existing workforce management features such as scheduling, time tracking, absence management and other related features, in a new and very exciting look and feel. It allows users to utilize their mouse and keyboard for rapid time entry with features such as drag-and-drop capabilities, free form text entry with look-ahead validation options, and industry standard keyboard. Join us to learn how to easily perform management tasks related to:

    • Time & Attendance
    • Scheduling
    • Absence Management

    Occurrence Tracker Administration Configuration
    Tracking occurrences or incidents when employees are scheduled to work but have arrived late or are absent is easily accomplished using Workforce Management. Occurrences define levels and associated disciplinary actions. Employees will accumulate points and/or hours until a defined threshold is met. Once the employee reaches a defined threshold, an action will be triggered. Supervisors will view these occurrences and perform the associated disciplinary actions. Employees, if allowed, can view their Occurrence balances in the Unified Workforce Interface.

    This training focuses on the steps necessary to configure the Occurrence Tracker in Workforce Management and the recommended steps in which to configure them.

    Lori Fields
    Implementation Consultant
    SumTotal, A Skillsoft Company
    9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

    Mix-N-Match Workshops

    SumTotal Workshop | Configuring Benefits – Back Office and Self-Service: Learn how to Configure both the Back Office and the Self-Service Components of Benefits

    Explore the power of the robust Payroll Benefits module, including:

    • The myriad of delivered coverage and contribution calculations and options
    • The delivered eligibility and service rules
    • The tight integration with Payroll and HR
    • How you can leverage Self-Service for your employees to view and update their benefits during open enrollment and for life events.

    This session is applicable for all Benefits and HR users and administrators.

    Mario Besner
    Senior Director, Product Management
    SumTotal, A Skillsoft Company

    Sherry Sutphen
    Senior Manager, Payroll Customer Support
    SumTotal, A Skillsoft Company
    Skillsoft Workshop | Making Competencies Work for You: You've Built a Competency Model, Now What?

    An effective competency strategy supports short and long term organizational success because it allows for the alignment of talent/behavior with business objectives. Formal models reflect the organization's mission and values provide a common language to describe not only the KSAs (Knowledge, Skills and Abilities) for success, but often the intangible attributes that often are the qualities that "make or break" an individual's success in a specific role or with the organization in general. Informal modes are when competencies provide a language for managers (and their HR partners) to set goals and provide feedback on qualitative performance expectations which are often difficult for people leaders to articulate.

    At times, you may need to assist your internal stakeholder groups in how to speak the language of development and identify "informal" competency models that can be used to align learning to what's important to individual stakeholder groups. These competencies can answer the WIIFM question for decision makers and for ICs who need convincing to spend time on their development. During this workshop you will learn how to use content mappings more effectively to focus users on relevant development tools. At the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

    • Help internal stakeholders understand the value of competencies
    • Use competencies to provide a common language for performance
    • Use competencies to align learning to business objectives
    • Use content mappings to drive learners to relevant resources and impact adoption
    Sarah Bosin
    Senior Customer Success Consultant

    Melissa Frank
    Customer Success Consultant

    Janet Toner
    Product Specialist
    Canadian Credit Union Association
    Skillsoft Workshop | Embedding Learning into the Learner's Workflow

    Have you ever wondered how other organizations seem to bridge the gap between training and performance support? Are our Millennials truly the generation where "training" dies and gadgets (apps, tablets, watches, BYOD) become our vehicle for information transfer? How do all of these systems fit together? What is the place for the traditional LMS?

    Join us to uncover some of the solutions that make ubiquitous learning possible. Learn from companies who are doing this well right now! We will explore:

    • Content Discovery Simplified
    • Linking to content from internal sites (e.g. SharePoint) for teams, projects, portals
    • Integrating with content aggregators (e.g. Path Gather, Degreed)
    • Aligning with performance cycle – clear link between goals and development plan
    Mac Harrison
    Director OMD

    Jessica Philpott
    Customer Success Consultant

    Johnna Wallace
    Senior Learning Program Architect
    SumTotal Workshop | SumTotal Maestro: Tips and Tricks for Using Advanced Reporting

    Dig into the newly updated Advanced Reporting tool - bring your laptop for some hands-on activity. We will begin with a focus on the basics, such as creating ad hoc views and reports, understanding the benefit of using topics and permissions. Then, take it up a level by discussing the new dashboard designer, report types, and scheduling reports. We will also take a close look at the new features available such as new charts, dashboard designer updates, additional attributes and expressions, and the new schedule manager.

    • Hands-on training on the latest version of Advanced Reporting for Maestro
    • Learn why advanced reporting important and how can it lessen your workload
    Mikka Kjarland
    Senior Product Manager
    SumTotal, A Skillsoft Company
    SumTotal SumTotal Talent: Modern Performance Management and Continuous Feedback Practices

    Is your current performance management process meeting the needs of your organization while supporting and bringing value to your employees? The performance management process is evolving from appraising past performance to focusing on how to continuously develop the potential of your people. Heavily influenced by millenials, we're seeing all generations demand more frequent and ‘real-time' feedback and conversations with manager, peers and mentors. Technology can play a big role in supporting this shift to help capture and review conversations and insight that contribute to making the performance process much more meaningful.

    Join SumTotal Product and Professional Services experts as they walk through how you can begin the transition away from rigid annual performance processes and adopt best practices and strategies for evolving your performance management, including:

    • How you can build a high performance culture by capturing informal and continuous discussions
    • Learn how you can easily configure forms that help move away from traditional performance ratings
    • How you can modernize key parts of the performance process - including goal setting and the year-end review process

    Sean Hjorth
    Consulting Practice Lead
    SumTotal, A Skillsoft Company

    Aaron Laznovsky
    Director, Product Management
    SumTotal, A Skillsoft Company
    11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

    Mix-N-Match Workshops

    SumTotal Workshop | Demystifying Time Cards, Adjustments and Retro Pay: Extract Value by Better Understanding and Optimizing Time Cards, Adjustments and Retro Pay

    Make the most efficient use of time cards and adjustments. In this session you will learn about:

    • Time entry formats and function codes
    • Balancing, viewing and correcting time entries
    • Manual payments, adjustments and reversals

    Make the most efficient use of time cards and adjustments. In this session you will learn about:

    • Understanding the retroactive payment process
    • Defining organization and employee retroactive payment rules
    • Generating pending retroactive payments
    • Viewing employees with pending retroactive payments

    This session would be applicable for all payroll users and administrators.

    Georgia Papagiannis
    Engineering Technical Support Lead
    SumTotal, A Skillsoft Company
    Skillsoft Workshop | Enablement of Content Discovery – Curating Content for Targeted Learning (hands-on lab)

    With so many resources available to learners, how do you organize content in a way that aligns with business needs and brings real value to the organization? In this workshop we will walk thru different methods that can be used to find, organize and promote content to learners. We'll discuss how to design a curated experience and get hands-on - don't forget your laptop - with Skillsoft systems that allow you to build these curated views to better enable your learners to quickly access relevant learning content.

    Scott Oliver
    Product Manager
    Skillsoft Workshop | Kick Start your Mobile Learning with the Skillsoft Learning App

    Have you wanted to leverage mobile learning but haven't figured out the best way to start? In this workshop we'll work through the strategy, design, and rollout of a learning program with a focus on a first-time mobile deployment. We'll discuss key topics such as organizational preparedness, pilots, and measurement. Using the Skillsoft Learning App we'll work through creating rollout communications, designing curated program experiences with deep links, and getting hands-on with the app. Join us for an engaging session that can get you started on the road to mobile learning.

    Sarah Campbell
    Customer Success Consultant

    Laura R. Garza
    Executive Director, Talent

    Melissa Mejia
    Training and Development Specialist

    Jose Luis Suarez
    Global L&D Director

    Johnna Wallace
    Senior Learning Program Architect
    SumTotal Workshop | SumTotal Maestro: UI Configuration and Design

    There are ways to configure Maestro to enhance your user experience and provide your users with the information they need to be successful. Learn what can be done within widgets using HTML and Javascript to go above and beyond the WYSIWYG editor. This session will get hands-on, so bring your laptop!

    • Hands-on experience creating advanced widgets
    • What changes to the Maestro UI can I make to increase adoption rates
    • What are some of the effective things other customers are doing?
    Mikka Kjarland
    Senior Product Manager
    SumTotal, A Skillsoft Company
    Skillsoft SumTotal Workshop | Charting What's Next for Your Learning and Talent Strategy

    Industry research shows that agile organizations with a strong learning and talent possess an advantage that translates to higher business performance. An organization that thrives in today's environment rapidly acquires and applies knowledge to cultivate an evergreen source of talent. This type of business velocity must be fueled by a workforce that is pervasively developing. Because of this reality, maturing your organization's enterprise learning and talent strategy has become a business imperative. In order to mature, organizations must first understand where they are. By using the Skillsoft five-stage benchmarking framework, an organization can discern their current stage of maturity. Each stage of the framework is characterized by talent and learning indicators that have been thoughtfully designed Skillsoft observing the progression of thousands of organizations representing wide ranges of size, geography and industry sector. During this workshop, attendees will be introduced to the most current version of Skillsoft's benchmarking framework, be able to diagnose their current stage and receive prescriptions for advancing to the next level. Clients who are familiar with Skillsoft's Learning Growth Model will want to see how the model has evolved to encompass the broader scope of learning and talent.

    Brent Colescott
    Director, Business Strategy & Transformation
    SumTotal, A Skillsoft Company

    Ann Cantrell
    Customer Success Consultant

    Kieran King
    Vice President, Global Customer Insight
    SumTotal Workshop | SumTotal Talent: Leveraging SumTotal Succession to the Fullest

    Demographics in the workforce continue to change, and we are all managing an increasingly generationally diverse workforce - as a result, we're seeing leadership gaps emerge and organizations need to be prepared to nurture and usher in tomrorow's leaders. Creating and developing a pool of talent to fill critical leadership roles is a necessity, but isn't easy. Today, it is more important than ever to identify high potential employees, understand the skills and competencies across your employees and ensure development activities are resolving skills gaps and creating agility to ensure you are ready to meet organizational demands as they change.

    Join us to discuss how you can ensure your organization is prepared and can fully leverage succession planning, including:

    • How to best define a talent strategy that helps anticipate and avoid leadership gaps
    • How you can use talent assessment, management of jobs and positions, talent pools and Nine-Box ratings to effectively build the bench strength of your organization
    • Examine tools to support Talent strategy that helps identify and close leadership gaps
    Sean Hjorth
    Consulting Practice Lead
    SumTotal, A Skillsoft Company

    Aaron Laznovsky
    Director, Product Management
    SumTotal, A Skillsoft Company
    12:30 PM - 1:00 PM   Boxed Lunches

    Any Questions?

    If you have any questions, please contact your account representative or for additional details.

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