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Thursday 25th June | London, UK      

2015 Skillsoft Perspectives EMEA Agenda
Thursday, 25 June, 2015
08:45 - 09:30Registration
09:30 - 09:45WelcomeKevin Young, Managing Director, Skillsoft EMEA
09:45 - 10:03Skillsoft Update

Jerry will bring you up to date on the latest company developments, and welcome to the stage Vodeclic's CEO, Xavier Sillon, to introduce the newest addition to the Skillsoft family.

Jerry Nine, COO, Skillsoft & Xavier Sillon, CEO, Vodeclic
10:03 - 10:18Customer Case Study & Q&A

Find out how Lloyds Banking Group has transformed their learning programme with Skillsoft and aligned learning to business growth. Discover how their learning programme has been embraced by their diverse work force, with 80% of employees applying that learning to their job within six weeks.

Peter Yarrow, Senior Manager, Academy Development, Lloyds Banking Group
Katherine Fuller, Service Design and Delivery Manager, Skillsoft
Katie Phillips, Regional Account Executive, Skillsoft
10:18 - 10:55Dawn of the Self-Developing Organisation

Employee engagement is the #1 issue facing every C-suite. CHROs are being challenged like never before to bring new solutions to the table that simplify rapid skills development and deliver data-driven results. Every HR function entrusted with developing talent must step up. Clunky old practices of treating talent content and talent platforms as separate, disconnected solutions will not work in a world where millennials now make up 50% of the workforce.

Welcome to the dawn of the Self-Developing Organisation - a ground-breaking new Skillsoft approach to talent acceleration emerging from the fully integrated capabilities of Skillsoft and SumTotal. The foundation of the Self-Developing Organisation is a deeply integrated content and engagement platform that knows, entices, improves and rewards employees. Learning occurs naturally and contextually as part of, rather than apart from, the daily flow of work. As radical as the self-driving car, the Self-Developing Organisation is the industry's first truly integrated solution to accelerate individualised employee development at scale by tightly integrating:

  • Rich talent profile for each individual drawn from a full array of HCM modules including third-party
  • Big Data algorithms that identify hidden patterns in content consumption at enterprise scale
  • Hyper-personalised learning plans that dynamically adapt to each employee's own journey
  • Analytics for directly quantifying the business impact of learning

The sum total of these innovations means you are witnessing the biggest advance since "e" was added to learning.

John Ambrose, Senior Vice President, Strategy and Corporate Development, Skillsoft and Humair Ghauri, SVP, Products & Technology, SumTotal Systems
10:55 - 11:25Break
11:25 - 12:05Keynote: The Wow Factor: Using Technology to Help Clever People Embrace L&D

Successful people often need persuading to engage in learning. Find out how a combination of seductive technology and an understanding of drives can hook clever learners. We will explore what they need, from highly-tailored challenges, world-class innovative content, brilliant fun, respected co–learners, to business-focused delivery methods: sensible chunking, self-direction, wearable big data collection, the use of artificial intelligence in robot coaches, and other techniques.

Dr Karen Moloney
12:05 - 12:35Talent Analytics: Tips from the Super-Smart SMEs

Just recently, Skillsoft brought together five of the world's most prominent talent analytics authorities to discuss the current state of the talent analytics field. Since talent analytics is a hot topic within the Skillsoft customer base, we asked the gurus for practical suggestions designed to help organisations evolve their capability and make more data-driven decisions. During this session, you will hear a synopsis of what the discussion with the experts uncovered. The questions this session will address include:

  • How big data relates to talent analytics
  • What the key steps are for practicing talent analytics
  • Why progression in talent analytics is such an uphill climb
  • How an organisation can diagnose their talent analytics maturity level
  • What roadblocks can be averted on the path toward talent analytics

Kieran King, Global VP, Loyalty Strategy, Skillsoft
12:35 - 13:55Lunch & Networking
13:55 - 14:10Customer Case Study & Q&A

'Learning Everywhere' is CGI's corporate global implementation of the 70:20:10 model and focuses on informing, engaging and supporting employees. CGI will explain 'Learning Everywhere' and how they have implemented this with learning frameworks, deep linking to learning assets and a learning needs survey.

Alex Hopkins, Head of Learning & Development, CGI
Joe Venn, Learning Design Consultant, CGI
Sarah Camp, Learning Design & Creation Consultant, CGI
Iain Bartlett, Regional Account Executive, Skillsoft
14:10 - 14:55Keynote: Investing in People with Passion

I've always said that business is nothing without people. It's people who breathe life into business which is why I always surround myself with the best talent I can find. Once you've found your team, it is critical that you take time to invest in their development. That's the best way to enable future growth, scale and success.

James Caan
14:55 - 15:30Awards Ceremony

Organisations are only successful because they have the right people with the right skills doing the right jobs. Learning and talent management is an essential part of this and our Inspire Awards and Perspectives event are designed to showcase the very best learning and talent management initiatives beyond the organisation itself.

15:30 - 16:30Afternoon Tea & Networking

Please note: Schedule is subject to change without notice.