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April 30 - May 3, 2012 | Orlando, FL     

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A Quick Overview of Perspectives 2012
Please note: Schedule is subject to change without notice.

Downloadable/Printable Full Agenda - This agenda has full descriptions of the sessions that are available.
Downloadable/Printable Agenda-at-a-Glance - This agenda has titles of the sessions that are available.

Monday, April 30, 2012
10:00am–5:00pmRegistration and Information Desk
Full–Length Workshops
1:00pm–5:00pmShow Me the Money: How to Determine ROI in People, Projects, and Programs
The New Marketing Paradigm
Mix–N–Match Workshops
1:00pm–2:50pmSkillsoft Product Sandbox: SkillPort® for Non SkillPort Users
2:50pm–3:10pmNetworking Break
3:10pm–5:00pmSkillsoft Product Sandbox: SkillPort® Reporting
1:00pm–5:00pmLearning Consultant and Element K Migration Office Hours
6:00pm–9:00pmWelcome Reception
Tuesday, May 1, 2012
7:00am–4:30pmRegistration and Information Desk
7:00am–8:00am Breakfast
8:15am–8:30amSkillsoft Welcome
8:30am–9:15amSkillsoft Strategy
9:15am–10:15amGlobal Panel Discussion: Going Global, Yet Implementing Local: Making it Work
10:15am–10:45amNetworking Break in Solutions Fair
10:45am–11:00amLDC Prep (Please Be Seated)
11:00am–11:05amLDC Intro: Tracy Matisak
11:05am–12:30pmLDC Live: Plywood Leadership: Lessons on Leadership from a Warrior, Statesman, and Scholar
12:30pm–1:40pmNetworking Lunch
12:30pm–1:40pmPrivate Lunch (By Invitation Only)
Learning Sessions Round 1
1:40pm–2:30pmDeeper Dive Global Panel Q&A: Going Global, Yet Implementing Local: Making it Work
1:40pm–2:30pmA Contemporary Competency Model Process
1:40pm–2:30pmLearning Operational Excellence Drives Utilization and Business Value
1:40pm–2:30pmShift the Needle of your Learning Program without Increasing Budget
1:40pm–2:30pmThe Future of Learning
1:40pm–2:30pmFederal Track: New Developments in IT Certifications for the Government and Beyond
1:40pm–2:30pmSkillsoft's Leadership Solutions
1:40pm–2:30pm Targeted Learning using SkillPort® (Hands-On Lab)
Learning Sessions Round 2
2:40pm–3:30pmPowered by Our People: Safelite® Builds Buy-in from the Top with Skillsoft
2:40pm–3:30pmBeyond ROI, Partnering with your Executives to Build a Strategically Impactful Management Development Program
2:40pm–3:30pmManagement Development Approaches for Driving Cultural Change
2:40pm–3:30pmKick Starting a Corporate University
2:40pm–3:30pmFederal Track: New Developments in IT Certifications for the Government and Beyond (Continued)
2:40pm–3:30pmCustom Content Solutions for Enhancing Your Training Needs
2:40pm–3:30pmThe ATB Dream: Making Learning a Reality for Everyone
3:30pm–4:10pmNetworking Break in Solutions Fair
Learning Sessions Round 3
4:10pm–5:00pmBuilding a Business Case for an Enterprise Agreement
4:10pm–5:00pmGlobal L&OD Transformation: ILT to an Integrated Enterprise Wide Global Curriculum within One Year
4:10pm–5:00pmSocial Learning @ Accenture: The Good, the Bad, and the Hmmm?
4:10pm–5:00pm Why Mapping Matters...How Building Effective Navigation Tools Can Jumpstart Utilization and Accelerate Business Success
4:10pm–5:00pmPeer-to-Peer Learning: How BP is Using Social Learning to Share Best Practices
4:10pm–5:00pmSkillsoft's IT Solutions
4:10pm–5:00pmLeading at Emerson with Skillsoft Leadership Advantage™
4:10pm–5:00pmEnabling Collaborative and Social Learning with SkillPort®
6:00pm–7:00pmIndustry Awards Gala Reception
7:00pm–10:00pmIndustry Awards Gala Dinner and Ceremony
Keynote Speaker: Nick van Dam, Chief Learning Officer, Deloitte
Wednesday, May 2, 2012
7:00am–4:00pmRegistration and Information Desk
7:00am–7:45am Breakfast
8:00am–9:00amSkillsoft Innovation and Future Direction
9:00am–10:00amCLO Keynote Panel Discussion: Cracking the Code on Agility and Innovation through Learning
10:00am–10:40amNetworking Break in Solutions Fair
Learning Sessions Round 1
10:40am–11:30amIf You Build It... (and Then Market It... and Make It Easy...) Then They Will Come
10:40am–11:30amHybrid Study Groups: Genesis to Collaborative Learning
10:40am–11:30amIntegrating Compliance Programs into Daily Activities
10:40am–11:30amEngaging Your Internal Customers for Effective Transformation and Development
10:40am–11:30am Cultivating Learning @ The Tree
10:40am–11:30amHigher Education Track: Best Practices, Challenges and Successes for Higher Education Organizations
10:40am–11:30amSkillPort® 8
10:40am–11:30amSkillsoft's Mobile Solution
Learning Sessions Round 2
11:40am–12:30pmLearning Seamlessly: Building a Learning Culture by Integrating your Learning Solutions
11:40am–12:30pmMeeting Business Needs Leads to an e-Learning Culture
11:40am–12:30pmPMP® Certification: Success at Every Stage
11:40am–12:30pmSkillPort® 8
11:40am–12:30pmDeeper Dive CLO Panel Discussion Q&A: Cracking the Code on Agility and Innovation through Learning
11:40am–12:30pmHigher Education Track: Best Practices, Challenges and Successes for Higher Education Organizations
11:40am–12:30pmCustomizing and Targeting KnowledgeCenters™
11:40am–12:30pmSkillsoft’s Mobile Solution
12:40pm–1:50pm Networking Lunch
Learning Sessions Round 3
1:50pm–2:40pmDialogue™ Design: Reaching the Masses While Saving Your Pennies
1:50pm–2:40pmBlended Learning on Steroids
1:50pm–2:40pmGiving Context to Content
1:50pm–2:40pmSkillsoft Resources Page: Providing the Right Tools to Grow Usage
1:50pm–2:40pmCustomizing and Targeting Skillsoft Leadership Advantage™
1:50pm–2:40pm Instructor-Led Training in SkillPort®
1:50pm–2:40pmSkillsoft’s Leadership Solutions
1:50pm–2:40pmThe Future of Learning
2:40pm–3:20pmNetworking Break
Wednesday, May 2, 2012 (Continued)
Networking Sessions
3:20pm–4:30pmWinners Circle Focus Group (By Invitation Only)
3:20pm–4:30pmElement K Networking Session
3:20pm–4:30pmCustom Networking Session
3:20pm–4:30pmHealthcare Networking Session
3:20pm–4:30pmTelco, Energy and Retail Networking Session
3:30pm–5:00pmLearning Consultant Office Hours
6:30pm–10:30pm Special Event at Universal Studios
Bus transportation provided
Please meet at the Panzacola Lobby by 6:30pm
Thursday, May 3, 2012
7:45am–12:00pmRegistration and Information Desk
7:45am–1:00pmLuggage Drop
Full–Length Workshops
9:00am–12:00pmBlended by Design: A Framework for Building Blended Learning Solutions
9:00am–12:00pmThe New Marketing Paradigm
9:00am–12:00pmImpact Analysis: Strategies for Success
9:00am–12:00pmLMS Platforms: Deployment Options and Opportunities
Mix–N–Match Workshops
9:00am–10:20amSquare Pegs and Round Holes: Finding A Learning Governance Model That Fits
9:00am–10:20amSkillsoft Product Sandbox: SkillPort® – You drive!
10:20am-10:40amNetworking Break
10:40am–12:00pmSkillsoft Product Sandbox: SkillPort® Reporting
12:00pmLunch (To–Go Options)


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